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What you need to know about this trend and where to make an appointment

When they said blondes had more fun, no one mentioned the 6-week root upkeep, or subsequent blows to the (already delicate) bank account.

With summer en route we get that the temptation to brighten up your look and go all-out blonde creeps in, but this year is about giving au naturale the nod by coveting softer blondes and natural brunette hues.

We spoke to our Beauty Account Executive, Georgia Randrup, about her decision to take things back to her roots. Here’s what you need to know, here’s this week’s #PushBEAUTYrecommends.


Cool blonde: Georgia’s hair before her appointment at Hare & Bone

As a self-confessed ‘hair girl’ I have always invested in my hair. I was lucky enough to inherit my mum’s curly, unruly mane, which thrived in the salty, sea air I was surrounded by growing up in Australia. However, after moving to London three years ago I began to notice some immediate changes to my hair. My psoriasis severely worsened, I started losing a lot of my hair from the change in temperature, and the hard water meant I could never achieve that ‘beachy curl’ I was so accustomed to.

Working as a beauty PR means that I am lucky enough to seek advice from some of the best in the business. When my client Sam Burnett, Founder and Creative Director of Hare & Bone, invites me into his salon I rarely say no.

In the chair with Nathan, Senior Stylist at Hare & Bone, I share my biggest hair concerns, ask what shade of blonde suits my complexion, and exactly how to achieve that perfect curl. Years of over processing and bleaching, along with having naturally textured hair means that my hair is a bit frizzy, prone to breakage and scalp sensitivity.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a balayage of some description. I’ve experimented with dip-dye, ombré and freehand painting techniques with a variation of blonde shades. But having been in desperate need of a change, I decided to incorporate some darker hues.

Nathan applied a series of three different multi-dimensional colours to my hair in a freehand balayage technique. His placement of colour around the crown meant that my hair will grow out in a soft ‘halo effect’. I was also a little self-conscious about that fact that my first few grey hairs had begun to appear around my parting, so Nathan added some babylights (micro foils) around my hair line, which he assured would grow out in a gradual way.

I wanted to avoid that brassy look so we stuck to cool, ashy buttery blonde shades and cool toned browns. Nathan finished off the colour with a Goldwell Elumen gloss toner to create a super shine, with an ashy gloss.

Finally, in order to accentuate my hair’s natural texture and movement Nathan cut gradual layers into the mid lengths and ends; he then blended the front layers with a soft feathering technique.

Ultimately, going back to bronde was the best hair decision I’ve ever made. Look how happy I look post cut and colour…

georgia-randrup-hair-blonde-bronde2 georgia-randrup-hair-blonde-bronde

Tempted to go BRONDE? Contact the Hare & Bone team for a consultation.

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