Happy ‘Wear Your Old Band T-shirt to Work Day’

It's wear your band t-shirt to work day! #tshirtday

Today is ‘Wear Your Old Band T-shirt to Work Day’, an awesome campaign led by BBC Radio 6 Music. You wear your fave t-shirts, they play the bands. Non-stop tunes to fill your Friday – that’s what we’re talking about.

For those who can’t decide on just one tee, do them all on rotation.

Here’s a look at the Push team styling our theirs…


Pia Gill, Account Executive and Katy Dawson, Fashion & Lifestyle Coordinator

“I bought it at the Purpose Tour concert at The O2! Because you always need merch for the memories, and now I have the ultimate t-shirt to gym in.”

“I bought my Justin Bieber t-shirt when I went to see him in concert this year. I love it because I get to see my boyfriend’s face every day.”


Bex Broughton, Senior Account Executive

“This t-shirt represents the best year of my life, 2016 – the year I went on the greatest adventure around Europe with the best band in the entire world, Suede. The design is the artwork from their latest record, ‘Night Thoughts’ and possibly, in my opinion, their best yet. I don’t know where I would be without Suede and I couldn’t be happier to have them in my life, and this t-shirt really is just a symbol of this. I love Suede so much!”


Nadia Atchia, Beauty Coordinator

“I stole it from my mum after she got it at a 1995 Oasis gig. It’s sentimental to me because ‘Whats the Story’ was the first album she bought me on vinyl as a child.”


Jordanne Young, Account Manager Fine Jewellery

“This has been a mega Mystery Jets year for me – I’ve seen them around five times, after they made a brilliant comeback with their ‘Curve of the Earth’ album.

Seeing Mystery Jets live is like being part of some hippy commune in the 60s, and their talent for creating epic yet essentially melodic pop sounds astounds me each and every time.

All the feels and all the memories in so many ways.”


Camilla Allpress, Account Executive

“This has been a staple part of my gym kit since 2005, when I got super into hip hop and thought I was really cool. It’s tattered as hell and has been dragged all over the globe, but the attachment remains. Because it’s like that.”


Phoebe Allen, Junior Account Executive

“This tee isn’t actually mine (considering I definitely don’t live in Scotland), however I am a massive Foo Fighters fan. Anyone who can carry playing at a live show with a broken leg is a legend, plus being an ex-Nirvana member definitely makes you 100% cool. ‘Walk’ is probably my favourite song, though apparently the Foos are a little heavy for the office playlist…”

Push x

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