15 minutes with… R.Y.M Jewelry Founder, Reem Mobassaleh

Reem Mobassaleh is the London-based designer behind R.Y.M. Jewelry, the latest addition to Push’s fine jewellery portfolio.

Having studied at Brown University in Rhode Island, Reem went on to complete her MBA at New York’s Columbia Business School before returning to the United Arab Emirates. It is here that she started a career in the technology development industry which sparked an avid interest in design and engineering. Reem then moved into luxury handbag and interiors design which subsequently led to the launch of her debut jewellery line, inspired by geometry and Indian numerology.

There are three stunning collections that play on the concept of creating tailored looks. Think distinctive, transformative designs. Think personalised ready-to-wear diamonds, digits and coloured stones.

We caught up with Reem to talk customisation, career, influence and doing day-to-night wear; here’s what you need to know.


What inspired you to start R.Y.M. Jewelry? 

A personal desire for pieces that were on my mind but not in store anywhere.  Coming from bespoke jewellery design, I wanted to find a way to give that level of personalisation and customisation to a wider audience.  Taking that concept and my background in technology, I started developing the three transformative collections that would lead to the R.Y.M. jewellery debut.

How has your background influenced your business?

I don’t have a very traditional background in many ways, my first job out of university was in advertising working with Saatchi and Saatchi in NYC.  I then worked at a small venture capitalist before going on to get an MBA.  When I graduated from business school I worked in the advanced technology space.  I’m lucky that my background has given me the tools to approach the business side with as much ease as I started the creative side.

All of the things I learnt from each of those experiences has informed the way I approach my business, whether it is from the modular design of the jewellery, product development, supply chain management, resource management, sales and marketing strategy or growth strategy.

What’s the first thing you notice about the way women wear jewellery?

It’s personal. The way each woman styles her pieces is a reflection of who she is in that moment.


Photography: Hanah Young

Can you tell if jewellery has been styled with personalisation at the heart or if it’s simply a piece that’s been bought and thrown on?

Yes. It is great getting snaps from customers wearing their pieces.  I often have women sending me photos of the ways in which they reinterpret and restyle the pieces from my collections.  I love seeing their experience and the way the pieces evolve.

What is your forever, never-take-it-off piece?

Well, I have two. Both Diamond Digit necklets: 2.0 and

The R.Y.M. woman is…?

She brings together qualities that you wouldn’t expect to find together. She is individual, self-assured, feminine and independent.  She knows how and when to be strong and soft.  She directs her own path, however she is collaborative and incredibly driven.


Photography: Hanah Young

Career highlight to date?

Receiving an invitation to join The Couture Show in Las Vegas during my first season.

Talk us through the day-to-night, year-to-year concept.

It’s the idea of everyday luxury that can work with you throughout the day. Because the pieces can be transformed to wear in different ways, the same pieces can be styled from a more casual to a more sophisticated look from day to night.  As you add to your collection, you can reinterpret your edit from season to season and year to year.

Who would you most like to see wearing R.Y.M?

Switched-on, real women.


Photography: Hanah Young

Like what you see? Discover R.Y.M. Jewelry online here.

Photography by Hanah Young.

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