London City Cufflinks; because cufflinks are making a comeback

Cufflinks are officially making a comeback. They’re no longer an accessory reserved for black-tie events, but an investment piece designed to be worn beyond office hours.

Following the success of both Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks® and New York City Cufflinks®, Dutch designer Seroj de Graaf  – Co-Founder of international design brand City Cufflinks® – has transformed London into a highly coveted design subject for his latest collection. Handcrafted in sterling silver, the London City Cufflinks® collection depicts a range of the capital’s classical and modern landmarks as well as novelties such as the double-decker bus.

A harmonious blend of technology and craftsmanship, each set of London City Cufflinks® is made purely by hand, combining innovative moulding techniques with the traditional craftsmanship of a silversmith. “Cufflinks are one of the few accessories for a man to really make a difference in terms of personal style,” says Seroj.

We spoke to the designer himself to find out exactly how the modern man, and woman, can take on the classic cufflink.


What are the styling rules for cufflinks?

Every occasion has its own rules. For me, it is important to see that somebody has a personal style. A man who makes choices – bold, but consciously. Cufflinks are small, thus refinement and shape and form are essential. It’s all in the details. Indeed, for all accessories my one and only rule is not to be too gimmicky or flashy. Less is more. Style should connect people.

How to style cufflinks with black tie or tuxedos:

When it comes to ooccasions such as these, you want to opt for a more formal type of cufflink. Go for a classic silver colour with a slight hint of detail. Avoid novelty cufflinks at all costs.

How to style cufflinks with white tie:

If you’re off to a white tie event, the formality of your outfit heightens. You should consider investment pieces in these instances, such as cufflinks featuring Mother of Pearl, precious stones or fine details.


How to incorporate cufflinks with casualwear:

You may think cufflinks and casual attire don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. However, a pair of cufflinks can easily be paired with a dressed-down look.

In leisure time a pair of jeans with a nice double cuff shirt can offer a grand statement of style. Cufflinks used to be trendy – even worn by distinctive women who were in the forefront of fashion and lifestyle – and they are on a rebound.

You can introduce cufflinks in a more formal setting at work, but always be sure to wear them in combination with a full suit.

For a city man there are a few choices for making an impression through accessories. Cufflinks are small, thus refinement and shape and form are essential. It’s all in the details.


Are there different style rules for women opting to wear cufflinks?

Traditionally associated with men and formalwear, women wearing cufflinks can afford to break the rules. Although Coco Chanel paired hers more classically with button-down tweed suits. Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction is somewhat of a cufflink-wearing icon; she is a woman of the world – mysterious, edgy, rule-breaking.

How can the modern man or woman incorporate cufflinks into wardrobe?

As experience and personalisation are a priority for Millennials, cufflinks with a contemporary design certainly appeal. Bridging the gap between style and people, London City Cufflinks® allow the wearer to make a statement, and create a memento in place of a rather old fashioned accessory.

Discover London City Cufflinks® online here.

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