15 minutes with… Studio One Founders, Sarah and Alison Hatcher

Meet the sisters behind Push PR's new lifestyle client...

Push is hugely excited to be representing Studio One, an Islington-based studio and lifestyle platform championing great health, community and a killer schedule of classes led by amazing teachers.

We caught up with the Founders, Sarah and Alison Hatcher, to find out more about the business, its mantra and the best classes to get our sweat on.


Studio One is a sister set up, what made you both decide to open the Islington studio?

Ali: We both lived in Islington together for years. The energy here is amazing there is such a mix of people – professionals, creatives and families. We wanted to open a studio that would tap into that community vibe.

Sarah: When Ali proposed the idea to me I wasn’t sure I had the confidence to move into the health and wellbeing space, but she inspired me to put my own health journey out there to let people know that if I can do it they can. My sister has always been my best friend – we’ve lived together and had many fun nights out together so working alongside her was a no-brainer.

Favourite part of your job?

Ali: Meeting our members and seeing them leave happy… plus the free yoga!

Sarah: It’s the giving back, I love our charitable promise and I love that when clients keep coming back it’s because they like the space we have created for them. It’s so rewarding.

Talk us through the charitable part of the business.

Social responsibility and sustainability of revenue for charities can make such a difference to lives. We have always been involved in charity and wanted to create somewhere that could make giving easy. We endeavour to give 10% of profits to charity every year both at home an abroad. We are starting subsidised kids yoga at schools, which helps with focus and learning. While we favour health abroad via sanitation and water projects.

Just by coming to a class you give to charity, we like to say that the more you sweat the more we give! People have no control over the environment they are born into, we appreciate everything around us and want to give back.


How would you describe the vibe at Studio One?

Ali: Friendly, fun and inclusive.

Sarah: Beautiful and serene.

Least favourite part of your job?

Cleaning the toilets.

You work to champion the teachers at the studio, in your eyes what does it take to be a great teacher?

The teachers are the spirit of every studio.

They each have their own personality and take on classes. We welcome that at Studio One, we see ourselves as a lifestyle brand bringing the teachers themselves (as their own brand) to members. We like to give our teachers nicknames to help you understand their style from Sassy Rosie to Playful Shaun.

Having a passion for their subject matter and compassion is key to a great teacher. We wouldn’t be here without our team, we genuinely think they’re amazing.


Favourite class on your schedule and why?

Ali: Ahhhhh how to choose! For me, it depends on my mood. I just got into mediation so love Caroline’s classes on a Sunday. I also love our new Method classes when I feel energetic or need to burn calories post a naughty food day.

Sarah: I’m a big believer that to have a healthy body you must have a healthy mind so the meditation and candlelit classes are just bliss! I am a real Pilates girl too, so I’m a big fan of Reformer and Barre… but I also love to sweat. I love them all!

What’s on your playlist right now?

Ali: ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ as I’m a new mum.

Sarah: Little Mix’s ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, embarrassingly. I was thinking this morning it would be a great for our upbeat barre classes.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to switch up their lifestyle for the better?

Ali: Make small regular changes that are achievable, find a partner to support you and be kind to yourself.

Sarah: Don’t see it as a change, see it as something fun. When I started on my weight loss journey I just gave it a go with no expectations and now I’m four stone lighter. Don’t expect to get everything right and trust yourself.

Inspired? Check out the Studio One website to find out more about the brand and how to book a class.

Push x

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