10 reasons to swing by the #PushFIESTA showcase

This week – Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th October if we’re talking straight – is #PushFIESTA client showcase week.

Here are 10 reasons why this is not something you want to miss. And that’s before we even go there with the T E Q U I L A.


Image: Yawn Creative

1. The Mexican vibe. Because who doesn’t love tacos, Frida Kahlo (we’ve gone all out on the vinyl front) or anything remotely Day of the Dead? Exactly.

2. Spring/Summer 2017 collections. Come and check out the latest from clients including: Rossell England, Eileen Fisher, Sarah Bond London, Les 100 Ciels, kikki.K, Maria Nila, She-y, Holistic Silk, Dinny Hall, Daisy London, Alexia Jordan and R.Y.M Jewelry. To name a few.

3. Anissa Kermiche. Aka the much anticipated “fine but funky” jewellery designer and winner of the E.C. One annual Unsigned Award. Anissa’s collection will be in the house for you to preview before bagging in store at E.C One very, *very* soon.

4. There’s a braid bar as well as an actual bar. Thursday evening (6 – 9pm) you can get your hair braided by Joel Benjamin. Curved, waterfall, ribbon, Viking, Dutch, 7 Strand Dutch, fishtail – this guy does it all.

5. The fourth floor show space. Push is located in The Arts Building, Finsbury Park and let’s just say N4 never looked so good from up here. Plus we’ve got more cacti than you can shake a piñata stick at.

6. Get your nails done… WITH 3ina polish and Mexican themed decals. Nail art on another level by Tabby Casto and Keziah to get you fiesta ready.

7.  The actual bar. Complete with bespoke cocktails (Daffy’s Fiesta and Curious Hare) plus classic G&Ts. On tap.

8. All the canapés. Sweet and savoury melt in your mouth they’re so Mexico kind of canapés.

9. Meets and greets with the Push team. Email is so overrated, you know?

10. The Push playlist. We keep the tunes coming.

If you haven’t already, check the invite details below and RSVP to katy@push.pr.co.uk

Push x





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