Back to bangs, because basic is out

Push gets a glossy new look at Clerkenwell hair salon Easton Regal

Push’s Daisy May Sitch heads to Easton Regal for something shiny and new. Here’s how her hair appointment went down…


Bangs for the alliteration, because no-one actually says “bangs” in real life. It’s fringe.

This is confirmed when I have my consultation with Hannah Akerman, Art Director at independent Clerkenwell-based hair salon Easton Regal.

I’m there because I need to switch things up, because I have the most basic hair. Never without a ponytail or that baby curl frizz thing. I’ve decided that something in the vicinity of bangs will give me a bit of shape, a texture that I can manage.

“It’s so easy to fall into the habit of tying back your hair,” says Hannah. “And you quickly get used to the way your face looks when it’s up, so it almost becomes routine.”

As far as style goes, poker straight with poker straight middle parting was big on the Spring/Summer 2016 catwalk scene (see: Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Jonathan Saunders and Mary Katranztou) but there’s still a definite demand for fringes. “It’s back, for sure. People want the option of having something there, something really versatile that you can mix up. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit, or lipstick, everyday and it’s the same with your fringe,” Hannah tells me.

So what are bangs exactly? “An effortless, point-cut (to create a jaggered, imperfect edge), versatile fringe.”

I quiz Hannah on what her clients come in asking for in terms of fringe, whether anyone can pull one off and what she’d call the look I’m going for. “The micro fringe is still very popular – this look is all about sharp, statement precision – but a lot of people come in with a photo of a look they’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest. The impact of social media has been huge, having a visual is so important.

“Yes, most people can pull off a fringe – especially this soft Bardot-like look we’re doing today. And it’s manageable as long as you blow dry it (top-down, windscreen wiper action) using a round brush in the opposite direction to your parting to create the best sweep effect.”

After having a good few inches off the length (so needed), Hannah worked Oribe’s Smooth Style Serum through my hair (Swiss-made finishing product that gives you ALL the shine) before blow drying and cutting in said Bardot bangs.

I wasn’t after anything drastic (I am anti-drastic when it comes to my hair), I wanted something that was still me just with a little edge and I got exactly that. I’d go shorter next time – it was that smooth an experience. Easton Regal is where it’s at.

easton-regal-haircut HAIRCUT-EASTON-REGAL easton-regal-haircut OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA new hair easton regal

Push x

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