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#PushTALKS with custom crochet designer Luci Wilden

There’s something about crochet that just says cool. Factor in the genius that is looped stitching (actual holes = breathable = bang on for summer), the nod from the fashion set, that Rasta mesh dress Rihanna “tun” things up in for her Work video and, quite frankly, you have a winner.

Luci Wilden is the designer behind custom crochet brand Knots & Vibes who has put her skills to work on a line of signature bralet and halter tops – all 100% cotton yarn, all made-to-order. There are pom pom earrings too, FYI.

Here’s what Luci had to say when we quizzed her on starting up, customising and those Caribbean vibes.


What’s your background?

I studied Fashion Styling & Photography at London College of Fashion but ended up working in fashion PR, which is where I am now. I’ve always had a creative edge which has been a bit lost since committing to a career in PR, but since I started to crochet I feel like I’ve found it again!

How did you go about setting up Knots & Vibes?

I bought a couple of crochet tops and decided I wanted to learn so I spent a lot of time teaching myself through online tutorials and books. I started out by making tops and customising jeans for myself which led to friends asking me to do things for them. I was getting a lot of compliments on the pieces and eventually it felt quite natural to turn it into a brand.

Describe the brand in five words?

Fun, confident, colourful, brave, VIBES.

You’re based in London – do you have a studio? Where does the magic happen?

Unfortunately I’m still in the early stages so I’m doing everything from home.

Talk us through the debut lookbook.

Since the brand has been inspired by the Caribbean, I wanted the lookbook to have a Caribbean vibe. I painted all the wooden backdrops myself and sourced various props. I have a background in photography and styling so it was pretty simple to produce everything myself with the help of the three gorgeous models.


Why crochet?

It’s funny because I’ve never had the desire to design clothing or have my own brand until now. Honestly I was just looking for a way to make things that were hard to find elsewhere. I’ve been to the Caribbean quite a bit including a few trips to Jamaica, and my friend Savannah Baker (who owns Pum Pum Gyals) showed me some really cool bits over there.

Where do you wear these pieces and what do you wear them with?

They’re most popular for exotic holidays and festivals but I wear them pretty much anywhere and everywhere! Great with jeans, denim shorts or a tennis skirt.

Customisation is huge right now, because everyone wants their own version of something fresh and cool. Tell us about your services in this department?

I can customise almost any piece of clothing really, whether its a thin trim on shorts or a big frill on the end of jeans – happy to consider any requests that come my way!


What’s been most popular?

The Sistren bralet (black/red/yellow/green) has definitely been the best seller so far.

What’s been the coolest request?

Big time NYC based DJ/Director and Model, Vashtie, requested a Trini inspired outfit which was super exciting to make.

Who would you DIE to see wearing one of your pieces?

What’s next?

At the moment I just want to take it easy, develop my designs and grow a following organically. I’ve got so many ideas and not enough hours in the day.

Need some crochet in your life? Get in touch with requests online or via email: info@knotsandvibes.com

Push x

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