7 sure things that happen during a heatwave

Because it's the #hottestdayoftheyear

HELLO summer, hello 30 degree (+) heat.

Not that we don’t love the prospect of big blue skies, all the iced coffee and finally being able to saunter out in that slinky slip dress, but a sudden heatwave situation does have the tendency to turn the country into total meltdown.

Here are all the the things that happen when it gets hot HOT outside, and a few ways to keep your cool (complete with a few Push client plugs).


You don’t sleep. Your flat becomes an actual sauna, you revert to sleeping on top of your bed in the buff frantically fanning yourself with last week’s Stylist Mag and eventually pass out at some ridiculous hour. The next thing you know it your alarm goes off and you’re in a pool of sweat. Oh joy.

Hack? A lavender-filled sleep mask by Holistic Silk for the zzzzzzen.

Your hair is INEXPLICABLE. There are no words to describe the hideousness that is running for the bus/ tube/ train and then literally melting for the next six stops. The sweat, the frizz, the volume – it’s all too much and already your day is ruined. You’re forced to cancel your lunchtime meeting, Bumble date and seriously contemplate shaving your head.

Hack? Book a blow dry. Seriously why wouldn’t you? Throw money at the situation and make an appointment at Errol Douglas London.

Make-up is a total waste of time. Not least for the fact that it’s half way down your face by the time you’ve stepped out the front door. Opt for the absolute essentials because less is more.

Hack? The BB Cream by 3INA. Get some.

Everything in your wardrobe is wrong. You are not well equipped for this climate – all you have are summer knits and denim. Urghhhh.

Hack? Swan around in a silk robe a la Hesper Fox or something eco-friendly and wave print from Under The Same Sun. You may be desk-side but, baby, you’re practically pool-side.

Your feet swell up. Bad. Now toes are pretty vile on a good day, but when it’s scorching outside you need comfort. You need classic. You need practical.

Hack? Salt-Water Sandals.

Accessorising is all the effort. Who has the patience to be layering up the bling when it’s sweltering outside? Wear what you always wear – the jewellery you just don’t take off.

Hack? Dinny Hall hoops.  Errr’day.

RAGE. You’re a hot mess, you have no time for wise guys taking up pavement space playing Pokémon GO or Snapchatting themselves going at it with a Mr Whippy – you need a cold shower pronto.

Hack? Take a moment, breathe and maybe jot something mindful down… in your kikki.K notepad? Something from the Life Is For Questions range?

Et voila, tres cool.

Push x

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