Rossell England: luxury lingerie and loungewear to die for

Finding underwear that is comfortable, supportive and makes you feel confident in that there’s-nothing-I-can’t-do-in-this-bra-and-pants way, is no easy feat.

But then, every so often you discover a brand that switches things up and, with that, offers up collections that do exactly that. Rossell England is that brand, a British independent putting a new spin on luxury lingerie and loungewear. Think minimal, contemporary design – clean lines, plunging necklines, stretch cotton and silk chiffon. Then there’s the fact that the bras are underwire free. Dreams.

The brand is just beautiful and we are so honoured to have partnered with Jo Rossell, the Kingston University Womenswear graduate who has more-than earned her stripes having previously designed for the likes of Calvin Klein, Narciso Rodriguez, Amanda Wakeley and Margaret Howell.

We caught up with Jo to talk inspiration, what women want and find out more about the no underwire thing. Here’s what you need to know…


1. What inspired you to launch a luxury lingerie brand?

Frustration of not being able to find ‘the bra’ that myself and many women are always looking for; a beautifully made, modern cotton bra that is underwire free, but still supportive. In a lingerie market saturated with synthetic fibres, I wanted to create a fresh brand that produces contemporary cotton lingerie and loungewear for women.

2. How has your background influenced your business? 

I learnt so much during my time working with Narciso Rodriguez, he was an amazing inspiration. It was there I found a comfortable and creative way of working, draping and cutting directly on the form before realising a new design. This gives endless possibilities and is how I continue to work today.

I have always been an admirer of timeless, beautifully made clothes whether that be an evening dress by Narciso Rodriguez or a white shirt from Margaret Howell, two very different brands but with very similar and admirable qualities.

3. What is the design process? How is it unique and how does it cater for every woman?

The design process usually begins with selecting fabrics, then applying directly to the form and refining the design lines. The cut and construction, are influenced by all things graphic, architectural and the modern arts.

The closure is positioned off centre instead of the conventional centre back position making it unique. This was designed for its clean look, as well as its comfort (we all know the sensation of how a bra can uncomfortably dig into your spine all day!)

My goal is to create a brand that will appeal to the modern woman, who juggles work, home and family and needs to feel great all day and night.

4. Why underwire free?

I’ve always needed an underwire bra for bust support, but have always disliked how the wires loosen, dig in and come out in the washing machine! So the aim was to create a modern, beautifully designed underwire free bra that still gives firm support. There is a huge trend for soft bra’s at the moment, but lack firm support.

5. Lingerie is hugely personal, in your experience what is it that women look for beyond comfort?

Women look for something that gives them confidence, empowerment and styles that make them feel beautiful. Lingerie that leaves something to the imagination, it’s intimate and is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, it should feel amazing.

6. Finish this sentence: with the right lingerie a woman can…?

Be more confident every day.

7. The Rossell England collections are understated-sexy, was this the intention and how do you plan to develop this season on season?

I would say my design aesthetic has always been more modern and understated rather than vintage and lace. I have added cotton loungewear to the collection for the coming season. They are items that you can wear around the house, garden or poolside. I like to think of them as ‘around the home items’ rather than nightwear. The market doesn’t need another pair of cotton pyjamas!

8. As an independent British brand, produced in the UK, how do you plan to differentiate Rossell England in the lingerie market?

The main thing is that we stay true to the brands core values, which are beautifully made, well designed modern underwear made from pure fibres. There are brands using cotton jersey fabrics in lingerie, but very few that are using woven cotton cloth to construct lingerie. I want to build a brand where customers return because they know that a particular size will fit them season after season and that the design and quality is consistent.

9. Who would you most like to see wearing your collections?
Women who are confident with their own style.

10. Do you plan to expand into ready-to-wear in the future? Will there be a Rossell England empire?

My focus right now is on lingerie and expanding the loungewear. I would love to eventually be able to expand into lifestyle products, such as cotton/cashmere knitwear and maybe beauty products. But I maybe getting ahead of myself a little here!

Discover Rossell England online and try not wanting it all. 

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