Hot desk at Push PR with kikki.K

Because a creative work space is everything #AtMyDesk


We have teamed up with Swedish design brand, kikki.K, to launch the #AtMyDesk campaign.

Kristina Karlsson, Founder of kikki.K and Push PR client, is all about inspiring, functional and empowering work space both at home and in the office – so together we are championing this new initiative.

The idea is that the industry creatives we work with (journalists, freelancers, stylists, photographers and bloggers) can hot desk at the Push PR showroom in The Arts Building, Finsbury Park. Think tidy little desk set up loaded with gorgeous kikki.K stationery.

To kick-start the campaign we invited WGSN’s Senior Editor, Carlene Thomas Bailey, to work at the kikki.K desk (with a view). Here’s what she had to say on keeping focus and staying creative…

kikki.K at my desk campaign push pr london

1. What five things are a permanent feature on your desk? 

Definitely coffee, though my mum would be so mad as she raised me on herbal teas, so the idea of a double shot latte on my desk is not good. My phone, my laptop, some sort of Kanye reference, because love him or hate him (I love him) you can’t deny his impact. And then lots of paper, never a pen which I always need but lots of paper and notes.

2. Do you procrastinate? How do you stay focussed?

I do, but it’s part of my job to research and discover, so even during a procrastination scroll through Instagram I’ll find something amazing that’s worth a tweet or a blog post. So that’s good.

For focus, I go into one of our colour rooms at WGSN. We have everything from pink to green and everything from the carpet to the books in the room meet the colour rules – and no one ever comes in to disturb you so it’s great.

3. Top tips for being organised and prioritising when you’ve got a crazy schedule?

Delegate. I really struggle with this one but I have, and have always had, really great bosses who teach me to focus on what I should be doing and empower those around to work to their strengths. If we’re all doing that then the schedule doesn’t seem as crazy. Another tip would be to prepare ahead of time, for example during catwalk season I have an iron tight content schedule and tick things off as I go.

4. Notepad, iPhone, Post-It notes or your computer?

All of the above.

kikki.K at my desk campaign push pr london

5. Headphones, yes or no? If yes, what on your playlist makes you feel most productive?

Music all the way.

Drake & Future ‘Big Rings’ when it’s a big deadline day. I asked all the editors at WGSN to talk about the slogans that get them through their deadlines recently and mine was: “Drink some coffee, put on gangster-rap and handle it”.

6. Do you moodboard?

No, but I so want to. I have lots of mini moodboards in notebooks, but I need a big cork board to make it a reality. Also my friend told me about this great site called which is like a digital moodboard, and Google Drawings.

7. How do you stay creative and continue to push your professional self?

My mates, definitely fellow Digital Editor and general badass Sara McCorquodale as she’s the hardest working woman in the industry and she inspires me every day. Elle’s Kenya Hunt too – they are both my professional heroes and friends, how cool is that?

Also my colleagues at WGSN particularly Sarah Owen and Andrea Bell. Finally, I’m obsessed with other writers and artists such as Rembert Browne, Jenna Wortham and this cool art collective called The Lonely Londoners, who create exhibitions that encourage people to think differently about race, class and gender.

kikki.K at my desk campaign push pr london

8. Describe your work space at home.

A mess, a hot mess. Everywhere I go there is a trail of magazines, books, clothes and articles I’ve ripped out of the paper to follow up on. I’m also making a zine for my colleagues so now there are scissors and glue and magazine cuttings everywhere.

9. How do you de-stress?

Yoga, all the yoga. It’s been exciting for me to really focus on yoga this year. And actually my favourite place is this hip hop yoga spot in NYC where you can get your sun salutations on to some Drake.

10. Do you still write (and post) letters or are you all about social media/ instant messaging/ email?

I’m trying to write thank you cards more. I suck at staying touch (all my friends will say I am the worst), so I am trying to be better even if it’s a little note, saying “I’m thinking of you”. I definitely have room to improve on this though, for sure.

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