Push PR represents Under The Same Sun

The Swedish-based brand that offers eco conscious yoga, surf & beach wear

With London giving us a taste of what’s to come this summer, our wanderlust has been incited. Fortunately, packing won’t be a problem this year, now that we’re representing Under The Same Sun.


Founded by the Swedish dream team that is Anna Engellau and Emelie Lindgren, the eco-friendly yoga, surf and beach wear brand proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style to go green.

This summer is about embracing your inner Zen (if you’re not already a self-confessed ‘yogi’). We’ll be perfecting our warrior pose whist gazing across the London’s horizon at Sky High Yoga or upping our music game with Yung Club’s sound-reactive yogi escape (hosted at Selfridges).

Of course, a true yogi requires the right kit. From classic muted charcoal shades to candy pink hues, Under The Same Sun’s Spring/Summer 16 collection is a must-have when it comes to workout gear.

With an aim to align style and sustainability, minimising the often compromising effects of production and using 100% low impact textiles such as recycled polyester, tencel, and organic leather, their brand is not simply a coveted wardrobe addition but a lifestyle choice.


With a surf wear offering that ignites visions of white sandy beaches and long tresses of sun-kissed hair and bikinis that wouldn’t go amiss at Ibiza’s beach parties, the Matia Eye High Waist Bikini Briefs and Waves Crop Top is exactly what we need for that imminent summer getaway.

Inspired by the spiritual Greek island called Patmos, historic mysticism combined with mesmerising landscapes, crystal clear water and hypnotic sunsets were weaved into their latest collection; incorporating the natural wonder that inspired Anna and Emelie.

Push x

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