Where the creativity happens #AwayFromMyDesk

Getting out of the office is exactly how to come up with bright, game changing ideas...

Last week’s tube strikes sent London and its public transport system into total meltdown. Packed overground trains, insane queues for buses, Boris bikes and taxis (Uber cashed in by trebling prices) in 25°C heat? Nightmare.

The Push team, however, turned the whole inconvenient chaos on its head by avoiding the commute entirely, and taking the opportunity to work outside of the office.

#AwayFromMyDesk is a campaign that Push has initiated to focus on the positives of working in new/ different surroundings.

Whether it’s a team meeting at some hip coffee haunt first thing, a full hour out at lunch, or a whole day working outside – the results are GOLDEN.

I am a big advocate of mixing things up and found that working from home (even just for the day) had a huge impact on my productivity. I was able to fire out emails, make calls and schedule output first thing and spend the afternoon content planning in the park. With coffee and a Calippo.


Yes we’re all madly busy ALL THE TIME, but recognising that and responding to it is what makes a difference.

“In a world that is increasingly switched on it is super important to remember to take time to switch off. However difficult it may seem to drag yourself away from your desk on a busy day, it’s really important to get out of the office – if only for 1o minutes or so,” says Brogan Driscoll, Senior Editor of Lifestyle at The Huffington Post UK.

“Getting some fresh air, going for a walk at lunch time and catching a little vitamin D, is key to boosting creativity and keeping stress levels to a minimum.”

Brogan and her team are not the only ones championing head space. I also caught up with Naomi Mdudu of The Lifestyle Edit to see how she manages her busy schedule.

“Now that I work remotely, my creativity has skyrocketed,” she says.

“I love working in Shoreditch House and being surrounded by really creative people. Even walking through town sparks ideas, because not being chained to a desk means being exposed to things. It’s so important to take some mental quiet time to get a bit of clarity, then you can really tackle that to do list”.

Because clear head, clear goals. Right?

Laura Dufort is Product Manager of Beyond Retro Label and is constantly identifying emerging street trends before they hit the catwalk. It’s finger on the pulse stuff, but Laura appears to have the work balance right.

“Taking that time out and away from the office is integral and always an invaluable tool to igniting inspiration within my design team,” she tells me.

“I actively encourage them to get out, about, in and around the areas that our customers frequent and that our stores are based in. Walking around Soho, Dalston, Brick Lane or Brighton there are so many points of reference and opportunities to spark ideas.

“I’m a firm believer that being on your feet and out of an office environment is a catalyst to creativity.” Amen to that.

Case and point that everybody should be jumping on the #AwayFromMyDesk bandwagon.

Push PR x

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