Make Every Second Count!

Fitness brand Every Second Counts launches Collection 2!

October sees the launch of the highly anticipated second collection from our sportswear brand, Every Second Counts. Last Wednesday Push PR and Every Second Counts held a press brunch and apparatus pilates master class at bePilates to celebrate the launch. Working with our host Madeleine Shaw press were treated to a delicious, nutritious breakfast that included; raw healthy muesli from Primrose Kitchen, Coyo coconut yoghurt, a mixture of fresh fruit, nuts, chia seeds and rye bread with a range of delicious nut butters that gave our press friends a boost of energy for the day ahead.


The morning began with a 45 minute bePilates master class into apparatus pilates, a phenomenon that not many have grasped onto yet but is great to build strength and improve stability and flexibility- definitely one to watch and is a personal favourite loved by Rosie Huntington-Whitely and celebrities alike.


Press were invited to indulge in a healthy breakfast and learn tips from our nutritional expert Madeleine Shaw. A 360° approach to a healthy lifestyle is what Every Second Counts lives, breaths and eats in order to fulfil each day to its full potential. The breakfast was followed with a talk by Ultimate Wellbeing Specialist Akcelina Cvijetic, who advised us how to make the most of everyday with her 10 Step-Plan. Our personal favourite tip is starting the day with attitude of gratitude:

Starting your morning off on a positive note leads to a more positive, productive & satisfying day.

Begin each day with the attitude of gratitude (write down 3 things you feel grateful for in your life) and set a positive intention for that day.”


After a fun filled morning, press left feeling revived and revitalised and were given a goodie bag to continue with their new and improved lifestyle choices.


We hope everyone enjoyed attending the launch and having a chance to view the brand new collection from Every Second Counts!


Push PR x

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