Push PR launches luxury jewellery brand RUIFIER

We’re thrilled to announce our new account, luxury fine jewellery brand RUIFIER.

Revival Luxury Jewellery Push PR fashionRevival Luxury Jewellery Push PRRuifier Push PR London

We have been working on the launch for months now and it’s been very hard to keep this exciting launch quiet.

We can now exclusively reveal that RUIFIER will launch on the 3rd September and we will mark this with an exclusive invite only press event in central London.  After months of behind the scenes development, RUIFIER bring a brand new technology to the jewellery industry.  The patented design is unique, innovative and memorising to the eye. The highest quality stone – most commonly a stunning diamond, appears to ‘float’ within the piece, creating the ultimate sparkle which captivates attention.

The team behind RUIFIER is driven to bring something totally new, vibrant and completely original to the UK. ‘I’m excited to bring a technical element to these beautiful pieces, our style is graphic, striking, architectural but most importantly it’s beautiful and luxurious’

Design is the top priority for this incredibly dedicated team. Travelling around the world to gather inspiration, experiment with new technologies and source materials from so many creative areas, a passion and drive for challenging and exciting aesthetics drives the team always be ahead in innovation and design. Sticklers for quality, the development process has been long, as nothing less than perfect will do. Like all good things though, the best things really do come to those who wait.

If you love jewellery (let’s face it, who doesn’t) then make sure you have RUIFIER on your radar – and more importantly, your Christmas wish list!

Tweet @RUIFIER to welcome them, #HelloRUIFIER and tell us what you think of our new client @pushprlondon.

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