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Last week we took a group of bloggers up to Newcastle to visit the UK headquarters of Chamilia. For those of you not already in the know, Chamilia is one of the fastest-growing personalised accessory brands in the world. What makes their jewellery is so popular is the ability to customise their various bracelet designs with their extensive and desirable range of beads. From unique and intricate designs to simple letters and Disney characters, Chamilia has something for everyone.

Chamilia sign

Chamilia beads

Photos by Sian Thomas


Chamilia beads

Our bloggers were invited to get to know Chamilia better and create their very own bracelets from their vast range of stunning beads. We were amazed by how different each of the finished bracelet were, and how well their chosen beads reflected their own individual style. Although some opted for the classic silver snap bracelet, many of the bloggers chose Chamilia’s braided leather wrap bracelets as their base – clearly a hot style to watch out for on the blogs this summer!

Bloggers at Chamilia
Alex Loves and No No Coco
Trying on Chamilia bracelets

Kit Lee

Chamilia bracelet
No No Coco with her Chamilia bracelet

Alex Loves with her Chamilia bracelet

The day was also a great excuse to introduce our London bloggers with some Newcastle ones and learn more about the town. Did you know that Newcastle has amazing vintage shops? We’re already planning a return trip so we can have a proper look around!

Thank you to Chamilia for having us and to all of our lovely bloggers for joining us for the day. We look forward to coming back very soon!

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