What’s inside your bag?

For those of you coming to visit London Fashion Week for the first time, here are some top tips!

Don’t be fooled, flat shoes are a must– Fashion Week is indeed a glam affair but with events scattered all over the Capital you need to be comfy. The days are long and the venues aren’t close. If you really want to try heels, have some fold up flats just in case.

Business cards – You will meet all and sundry here so you might as well use this as an opp to flaunt your blog/webzine or talents. So get some business cards done and don’t forget to put them in your bag.

Smartphone – of course a must! How else will you manage to snap pictures, tweet, make notes or text? Always clutch it in your hand, rummaging in a handbag is not a good look.

Camera – Essential for capturing those shot on the catwalk and off, bigger the better. The cobbles at Somerset House is a perfect spot to snap some  images.

Chargers – With lots of shows on the go you will be using your gadgets to the max and at some point need to charge it up. Do not get caught out.

Food – Now, regardless of how difficult it is, TRY to eat/drink SOMETHING other than vitamin water/champagne during the day and if you fail to do so at all costs do NOT drink at after parties.

Lipstick – It can really make an outfit, we recommend bright red, never fails!

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