Push PR Love week!

It’s Valentines day tomorrow ladies and gentlemen! If you follow us on twitter and Facebook, then you would have been a part of our Push PR Love Week, where we were promoting the best things about love! Awwww! Here we have for you a snippet of some of the best rings in London town from EC One jewellery, as well as a few handy tips for tomorrow…

Jos, goldsmith, jewellery designer and owner of EC One gives you his tips on proposing! Have a read of  ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Proposing‘ chaps, he makes some VERY good suggestions!

Here are our top three EC One rings that we think she will just LOVE!

Keep it traditional with the Ellen Diamond ring

Dazzle her in sparkles with the Emma Diamond ring

Think outside of the box and go for a pink stone with this Morganite Lola ring!

We want to know about YOUR proposal, did your love one do something utterly romantic!? Did they propose with a ring in your desert? Planes in the sky? Writing in the sand? Tell us, this week we’ve got the love bug!


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