The A-Z highlights for Push PR 2011! P-T

P: PRCA: Last year Push PR became a member of the PRCA because here at push we’re passionate about what we do and strive to be the best at it! Joining the PRCA gave our Push family the opportunity to develop their PR careers further which we will continue to do in 2012!

Q: Questions: 2011 was a year filled with questions, what will Kate wear at the wedding, who will take Galliano’s spot at Dior, what will be the S/S12 trends!? We had our fair share of questions here at Push as well, such as…

R: Rooftop Parties: We’re very lucky here at Push PR HQ because we have a rooftop terrace which is ideal for summer rooftop parties! Last summer we took full advantage of the heat and the terrace and had a few evening soirees! Did you come along to any of our rooftop parties? If not don’t worry we hope to have plenty this year!

S: Showroom: We understand that showrooms are very important to any PR agency. Here at Push we have a lovely show room, full of our clients’ samples. We encourage everyone to stop by and have a cup of tea next time you’re in the area, feel free!

T: T-Tuesday: We’re always looking for ways to think outside of the box and be innovative with our approach to PR and work in general. Last year we launched T-Tuesdays which certainly got us noticed in PR Week, Diary Directory and Fashion Monitor to name a few! Every Tuesday we step away from the comfort of our e-mails and use more traditional and modern approaches to communicate with our clients, contacts and fans! So on Tuesdays give us a call on the ol blower, tweet us or FB us!

Don’t forget to check out A-E, F-J, and K-O and U-Z!

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