Introducing… Zara Martin

Labelled as Grazia Magazine’s “one to watch”, Zara Martin has already graced the glossy pages of Elle, Company, Look, Tatler and Marie Claire magazine. The model/presenter/journalist is the face of her newly launched fashion line  – ‘BodyAmr and Zara Martin’ as well as Olivia Rubin and Mechante of London.

A familiar face to the fashion crowd, this year Zara also reported backstage at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

Well, here at Push HQ we are very happy that the beautiful Miss Martin took some timeout for a quick interview with us.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Hair and heels.

What does a normal working day for you consist of?

I honestly wish I knew!  At the moment, every day is pretty different – but it always starts with a coffee!

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

I’m yet to have sworn on live TV.

What is the chicest item in your wardrobe?

A long, white BodyAmr evening gown.  Even though I normally only wear black?

What won’t you leave the house without?

My BlackBerry.  Sad, but true.

Who/what inspired your style?

Morticia Addams.

What’s your party trick?

The ability to be the first one to leave.

What’s you most treasured possession?

A 1920s ring my mum gave me and a vintage Zeiss Ikon camera that belonged to my step father.

What fashion blogs would you recommend?

Stylist turned fashion photographer, and great friend of mine – Jackie Dixon’s
InStyle magazine’s Senior Fashion Editor
Legendary photographer (and husband of Jackie D) Matthew Eades has possibly the most beautiful blog ever:
Super nice super stylist Marian Kihogo, who I met on a shoot and have been addicted to ever since is well worth a read.
And mine too!

If you owned a boutique, what would it be called?

Party At Your Mama’s House.

What would it stock?

The ‘BodyAmr and Zara Martin’ capsule collection as well as the other brands I’ve modeled for: Olivia Rubin, Mechante of London, Domakaya, Lucy In Disguise and Corlette.  It would also have to stock some vintage books, instant Lomography cameras and cookies from the Biscuit Tin Bakers and would be blasting Etta James & Lenny Kravitz records.  Wow, I’ve clearly put too much thought into this…Off to register the name…

What’s next for Zara Martin?

I’m a superstitious freak, but I will say – it’s all very exciting at the moment!

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