Ec One Press Week

Last week Push held a press week for jewellery store Ec One ( Being fully influenced by the ethos ‘caring is sharing’ we thought we would give you a little insight into what pieces the magazines were lusting over…

Stella and Glamour had similar tastes, naming Nickolas King and Pebble as their favourite designers. With Stella also raving about (and trying on) the Erika Pena ring collection, and Glamour taking a keen interest in the Shorouk necklaces.

Red, Instyle and Es Magazine had no clear favourites, being impressed by everything on show. Grazia went straight to the new Stephen Webster necklaces and Cosmo Brides went for the adorable button bracelets.

A big thank you to the fashion media crowd and bloggers who attended and gave feedback on the new Ec One pieces. It was lovely to see you 🙂

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