Exmouth Market

We are very lucky here at Push to work on such a nice street (although as I write this there is actually a fire that has closed off the end of the road).

On a sunny day Exmouth food market is the best place to go, offering freshly cooked there-and-then food from all around the world. Nothing tends to be more than £5 which is lovelyyy.

Directly opposite Push there is a lovely ye oldy butchers called Metcalf. When the sun has got his hat on the butcher comes out and cooks people burgurs = AMAZING!

There is a great cafe culture here, in the evenings all the doors open and chairs and tables take over the street with loval trendy folk having an after work bevvy. It’s the kind of folk who ride around on those old style bikes with wicker baskets on and ding their bells at their friends and wave.

Today I chose to head to the burger man for the first time. It was well worth my £4 even though I had a food baby for the rest of the day. At Push we have a lovely roof garden that always seems to get sunlight. I sat there and took a few snaps on my BlackBerry for you.

I’m sure more blogs on Exmouth Market will come up as the Summer Season kicks off.

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  1. Olivia

    That is the biggest sign for burgers I have seen in my entire life!! They are calling out my name to come to them!

  2. sharon

    one day i will make it up to london for lunch … sounds a great place to frequent. Lucky Push pr to have it all on your doorstep.


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