LSA At Ella Doran

I have to say I was surprised with how much fun this event was! Don’t get me wrong, a home-wear shopping evening in the trendy East-End does push my buttons… but for some reason I wasn’t holding out much hope.

(A big) HOWEVER the LSA shopping evening at Ella Doran (on Cheshire Street, just off Brick Lane) was brilliant.

Walking towards the shop you could see people spilling onto the streets, all grasping coloured tumblers (courtesy of LSA) and looking like they were having a wild old-time. The shop looks cool, which is always a good start. There are brilliant displays which all somehow flow effortlessly into one theme and onto another.

On entering you were asked the question of all questions “Gin or Vodka” to which the Push PR clan separated, one taking vodka and the other taking gin.

We spent a good long time looking at all the LSA goodies on offer, from recycled glassware, to coloured glassware you could wobble and it wouldn’t fall (amazing!).

Olivia got over excited over upside down hanging ‘sunlight through leaves’ umbrellas, which she then purchased, demanding she wanted them hanging in her house.

All in all I was impressed with how visually appealing the store as a whole was. From the photograph blinds hanging behind the till, to accessories that looked like a stack of books and geometric trays.

I’m also tempted to write an entire blog on the floral displays but I will resist for now. They were incredible – seriously I got very very excited over how lovely they were. I will include only two images of flowers before you all think I’m totally insane. But seriously… check out Rebel Rebel flowers.  (

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  1. Olivia

    I must agree on how much fun I had at this event, and this wasn’t just because of the delightful apple and elderflower vodkas and the green leaf umbrellas, one of which is now hanging upside down in my house! Here’s to many more beautiful LSA events to come!


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