GLUG Event at Somerset House

Last week (sorry for the late upload) Push PR attended Glug @ Somerset House, a networking event for the creative community. As someone who really cannot draw, I was in awe of the artistic talent on show. Here are a selection of the best bits:

The guys at GLUG had pulled in some renowned creative talents to give quick talks on what inspires them. It was a great opportunity to see inside the minds of modern graphic artists and for budding artists to think outside the box.

Chrissie Macdonald used what got her out of bed in the morning as her inspiration and it ranged from an aluminium ‘do nothing’ solar powered machine to an image of a Tokyo Kite Museum.

Emily Forgot looked at old postcards and photos to inspire her. She collected beautiful things and looked beyond her own creative taste to turn ideas upside down. She pulled inspiration from a Dries Van Noten  catwalk show (where she took block colour) and mixed it with works by Jeff Coombs – taking the ordinary and making it extra ordinary.

And the funniest/weirdest speaker would have to be one half of Nobrow – Sam. Not only was he hilarious in a geeky-cute kind of way, he also found inspiration from LadyBird books (note: the factual ones have great illustrations, the fairytale ones are not great – at all). He also showed images of a comic book called Black Bob which was about a sheepdog and showed different variety of sheep…..
Wonder what it would be like to spend a day in his mind…

It was amazing however to see familiar work in the form of Rob Ryan – the bearded cut-out king. Rob has brought his studio to Somerset House for the duration of the exhibition where he gives workshops and advice to budding paper cutters. We had to tear ourselves away from his romantic intricate paper cuts in order to see the rest of the exhibition.

Here are some of the images taken of his work:

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