Dickie Bows

It’s a fine line with bow ties: get it right, your James Bond, get it wrong, you’re a socially awkward antiques dealer.

This type of neckwear ties in with the rise of the ‘geek’ and associated TV shows (IT Crowd/Big Bang Theory/Glee) that all receive steller ratings. Before ‘geek chic’ was even thought of the bow tie was the attire of geniuses (Marx/Einstein/Churchill) and now, in an unusual twist, championed by the creative folk (Kanye West/Mark Ronson/Jefferson Hack) who manage to pull it off, teamed with tweedy jackets and make it ‘cool’.

The bow tie is everywhere, from designer directional bow tie (edible/ceramic) to vintage and on the high street. We’ve got a draw full of them here, courtesy of Swaggerandswoon.com, ranging from the black and white checked to an alphabet bow tie. If your looking for a bow tie for any occasion or outfit, definitely worth taking a look…

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