Time to get voting!!!


Calling all Push Pr fans. Now is the time to get voting – and I don’t mean that little election thing…

Here at Push Pr we are campaigning for Eastern Mystic to win a free stand at London Jewellery Week’s Treasure Exhibition.

The self-taught designer, Sonal Talgeri-Bhaskran makes each piece by hand, using only ethical materials. She encapsulates the mystic charm of her Indian heritage to produce prominent design-led statement pieces.

If the images haven’t already convinced you, go to www.easternmystic.com and have a look at the whole range available.

Eastern Mystic are currently polling at No.2!

To vote go to:  www.professionaljeweller.com and scroll down to the ‘Spot Poll’ – click on Eastern Mystic!

Go on – I dare you!

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    • Sonal

      Hi guys – thanks so much for your kind comments :o) looking fwd to doing LJW for the first time!


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