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We’ve had a couple of great mentions online today from our press day… said….

“Push PR have a fantastic client list so I was delighted to pop down to the Soho Hotel yesterday to view the new collections. The Jasper Garvida ready-to-wear collection  for A/W 10-11 titled ‘Venus’ was stunning and caught my eye as soon as I walked in. Garvida’s collection was inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s. Everything about this collection was sheer elegance from the beautiful silks, patchwork cashmeres and tailored jackets through to intricate bead work covering sections of ‘to die for’ dresses that reached the floor. It was also great to see a feature made from zips.”

“Push PR have a lot of jewellery brands. I liked their new client JADA. The chains are so fine they looked breakable, but only if you gave them a hefty tug – which you wouldn’t. Unless you wanted to break them.

Andrea Garland has an aromatherapy beauty range. She is also a big trinket collector, but instead of just leaving them to collect dust she fills the little finds with lip balm. Our favourite being some red sunglasses from Avon circa 1984. Once the balm has run out, you can send it back for a refill – it’s all part of the service.

A high point was discovering screening room 2, upon leaving The Soho Hotel. Nice.”

Check out the links. Photos by the lovely Alistair Guy

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