My Sugarland

Every day I walk past this Islington boutique but have never quite made it inside. This is by no means because the store is unappealing in any way, infact quite the opposite, it pushes all my buttons.

Founded by uber stylist Zoe Lem, this genuine treasure trove of handpicked clothes reflects the good taste she’s spent her career developing. In every nook and cranny there are little displays or pieces of art worthy of a picture and a closer look.

My Sugarland is set in a surprisingly vast space, showcasing immaculate vintage pieces alongside quirky brick-a-brack, art and accessories. The décor moves seamlessly from boudoir opulence to modern minimalism, with well-known designers sitting next to graduate pieces and new talent.


Head there to find designers such as PPQ, Olivia Rubin, Jasper Garvida, Laura Lees and many more sitting side by side with vintage beauties.

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