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#AtMyDesk with Claire Brayford

Claire Brayford

The latest hot-desker taking prime position at Push HQ? Claire Brayford, London Editor of The Grace Tales; a lifestyle website for super stylish mothers. Claire swung by the showroom to work from… Read more

Monday media news round up

ugly insta

Don’t miss your weekly dose of media news in our Monday round up. Here’s the latest on Pokémon GO, Hillary Clinton, AOL’s newest acquisition and what’s happening in the world of  print…… Read more

Pokémon GO: everything you need to know…


If you’ve been on Twitter in the past 72 hours, you’ll have noticed that a certain hashtag has been trending, and we’re not talking about #KimExposedTaylorParty.  We’re talking #PokémonGO, and yes we’re already… Read more

Monday media news round up


Here’s your weekly does of digital news. Catch up on the latest in our media round up and get the low down on everything from Alexa’s eponymous fashion label launch… Read more

Monday media news round up


Post referendum the general feeling is one of uncertainty. What will be the immediate effects? How will it impact the industries we all work? How will Brexit face the ongoing… Read more

#AtMyDesk with Corinne Redfern

Hot desk at Push PR with kikki.K


This week award winning Features Editor and Writer Corinne Redfern came into the showroom to hot desk as part of our kikki.K #AtMyDesk campaign. Push has created a dreamy work space for industry… Read more

Monday media news round up


It’s MONDAY, it’s raining and the weekend feels like forever away but fear not, we’ve whipped up a list of news stories you need to know from around the web. Here’s… Read more