How to do TRIBAL

I never thought I would write a ‘how to’ guide. But I feel I’m not alone with this problem.  Got the boho hair, the printed dress, the oversized bag…but not the… Read more

Summer Songs

So last night I had a good idea for a blog post… yes and I’m going to tell you all about it. Last night the tube home was quite horrific. It… Read more

Jasper Garvida over the pond

With no sign of ash in the sky – Jasper Garvida and his team headed off to Canada for Toronto Fashion Week. The responce so far has been amazing with… Read more

Velour Launch Party

We look… We think… We consider… We make… Last night Push attended the launch party for new quarterly fashion publication, Velour. Produced by contributors from all around the world and… Read more

An old friend…

I remember a happier time… A time where I sat around all day watching day-time tele and looking up funny things on YOUTUBE. Then I saw on another blog this beauty… Read more

Irving Penn

Popped into the Irvin Penn exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery a couple of weeks ago. What a fitting tribute to one of the worlds greatest photographers. The exhibition itself… Read more

Dickie Bows

It’s a fine line with bow ties: get it right, your James Bond, get it wrong, you’re a socially awkward antiques dealer. This type of neckwear ties in with the… Read more

Time to get voting!!!

  Calling all Push Pr fans. Now is the time to get voting – and I don’t mean that little election thing… Here at Push Pr we are campaigning for… Read more

Keep 'em coming!

We’ve had a couple of great mentions online today from our press day… said…. “Push PR have a fantastic client list so I was delighted to pop down to the… Read more

Press Day

Well I am having fun! I’m currently sitting in the plush swirl room at Soho Hotel blogging about all the fashion folk who have come and gone so far today…. Read more