Get intimate with the new Olivia & Pearl ‘Once Upon a Pearl’

The newly launched Once Upon a Pearl by Olivia & Pearl is about creating your personal story and celebrating life’s intimate and special moments.

Just like the modern woman, no pearl is exactly the same and that’s just how Olivia Smith, founder of Olivia & Pearl, likes it. The Once Upon a Pearl collection is an eruption of the classical feminine and a celebration of diversity and individuality.

Olivia believes in capturing life’s previous moments through the beauty of precious pearls. Whether these moments are instantaneous and unexpected, your story is just as one-of-a-kind as these pearl charms.

These delicate freshwater pearls are responsibly sourced as Olivia & Pearl work with the highest standards of ethical and sustainable practices, and are committed to protecting the biosphere and habitats using natural resources responsibly. Nevertheless, Olivia & Pearl are taking their social responsibility and adoration for the ocean to a more personal level as they proudly introduce their partnership with The Barbados Sea Turtle Project, a turtle conservatory recovering endangered marine turtle populations in Barbados.

With the launch of the Once Upon a Pearl collection, and onwards, 5% of sales will be donated to The Barbados Sea Turtle Project.

Individual by nature, distinctive by story, the Once Upon a Pearl collection is not only a celebration of your treasured pearl moments, but a reflection of Olivia & Pearl’s sustainable pearl story that you can become a part of.

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