Don’t just be a mother, be a strong & healthy woman with our *new client* LDN MUMS FITNESS

Transforming mum’s (and all women’s) fitness across London, we are delighted to be working with our new Push Fitness client LDN MUMS FITNESS

Founded by Sarah Campus, LDN MUMS FITNESS is a holistic wellness solution that enables all women to make their health a priority, giving them a first step to getting fit for life.

Sarah is on a mission to show that whether you’re an at-home mum, working mother, or just a woman on a mission, you don’t need to spend 40-45mins or an hour in the gym to get your health on the right path. It can all be done at home; “If you’re moving, move with purpose. All you need is 10-30 minutes maximum a day to really see results. It’s all about consistency”.

LDN MUMS FITNESS offers online classes and an array of workout and nutrition guides to help you move and stay active in manageable, bite sized chunks … even with your kids around; “I’m a mum of two, with a 2 year old and a 9 month old! But at the end of the day, it all comes down to connecting your intuition to your fitness & wellbeing. Trust your body and trust the process.”

Fitness used to be about ‘punishment’, trying to eliminate the previous days’ snacks and ready-meals, but LDN MUMS FITNESS is about shifting that mindset. Though it may not feel like it, lockdown may just be the perfect time to take it on. As Sarah explains: “during a lockdown, it’s important to take control of the things we can take control of and that’s our health. Something is better than nothing, so even just doing some form of small movement is better than nothing”. Sarah insists on small changes which you can make in your daily routine when working from home that can start to enable you to build new habits. First, rolling your shoulders to help open up the chest which helps you feel good and helps with your core and posture as opposed to usually leaning over to type over the keyboard. A second tip is for when you’re waiting for your kettle to boil when making yourself a cup of coffee or tea; doing calf raises and going up and down on your toes.

Beyond giving you the tools to better your health, LDN MUMS FITNESS is a huge advocate for creating a community. Women are great at supporting and motivating each other and this is a principle which Sarah wanted to bring across to her clients. Sharing thoughts and feelings before and after a workout, as well as helping with accountability, have been a key focus point for some of her clients’ success stories; “LDN MUMS FITNESS isn’t about telling you what you need to do, but rather creating a community of support”.

Some final key tips on getting ready for working out – especially in the cold February weather?

“Get up, get your workout gear on and get moving. Even if it’s just 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Even a small amount of movement will help to release endorphins for the rest of the day. The earlier you get it done, the better. It’s out of your way for the rest of the day. Keep in mind that you don’t need to buy expensive equipment. A lot of the workouts I offer are based on bodyweight, but if you would like to add weights, simply grab some tins from the kitchen or some water bottles or milk cartons. Eating the right food throughout the day also helps you feel better. I would also add that at the end of each day, carve out some ‘me time’. All in all, it’s about consistency and creating new habits. The aim is for working out and healthy eating to become second nature to you rather than a chore.”

Get your journey started with LDN MUMS FITNESS:

Personal training session: £60 (per hour-long)
LMFITNESS Guide Colourful Meal Plan: £20
LMFITNESS Guide Pregnancy: £20
LMFITNESS Guide Postpartum: £20
With beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts available on Youtube

*enjoy a £5 exclusive discount when you subscribe to the LDN MUMS FITNESS newsletter*

For more information visit and be sure to follow Sarah on Instagram.

For any PR enquiries please contact

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