Does your zodiac impact your lockdown vibes?

Fire, Earth, Water and Air … essential elements that make up the Zodiac Chart. So curious as to how the perfect alignment of stars and planets can determine a whole lot on our personalities, decision-making process, relationships and more. But, one thing we never considered is, whether our astrology signs would ever impact our ability to live out a global pandemic and lockdown.

Sure, we talk about introverts vs extroverts, but can/does an Aries experience lockdown differently from a Capricorn? Each sign has strengths and weaknesses, but are these amplified or any helpful whilst walking in circles in our living room? We sat down with astrologer Francesca Oddie to find out whether the answers to our questions were, well, written in the stars …

Let’s start off with a bit of background on astrology, how exactly does it work?
How does astrology work? We don’t know! Just as the moon affects the tides, the planetary bodies impact life on earth, but science lags behind astrological insight and has not yet acquired the definitions to explain why the rays of certain planetary bodies hitting the earth at certain angles creates specific astrological weather.

What can our astrology signs reveal about ourselves?
Our astrology tells us about our character, who we are, what we love, things we are good at, certain weaknesses … it’s a full blue print of our personal, spiritual and material life, but what we do with the seedling of our character is UP TO US! From there we develop and bloom based upon our decisions and the level of consciousness with which we meet our chart.

What would you say to people who are sceptic of astrology?
The birth chart is a map of the sky taken at the moment we were born, so all the planets in our solar system, mapped out across the 360 degree circle that is the zodiac wheel. Each birth chart is TOTALLY unique and offers you a perspective into your life.

Let’s talk the ‘L’ word … lockdown. There have been so many articles which talk about how an introvert vs an extrovert have experienced lockdown, but do you think the same can be said about astrology signs?
100% – introverts and extroverts have handled lockdown differently. For some, it’s been a secret relief, for others it’s a living nightmare. We all have every single sign of the zodiac in our birth chart and so, there is a secret avenue for all of us to go down and explore the benefit and work with the current situation. There are always silver linings, opportunities for growth, realisation, lessons, work and change. I personally am not on board with the concept of introverts and extroverts – we may err more to one side, but we are all ambiverts and I think astrology helps us to understand our contradictions.

Based on your knowledge of astrology, do you think there are certain signs better equipped for a lockdown as opposed to others?
People with lots of fire (aries, leo, sag) are going to find lockdown much harder than someone with lots of earth (taurus, virgo and capricorn) – the yin signs (water and earth) will find more akin to their nature than the fiery and airy members of the zodiac. However, the chart is a mystical, magical and complicated tool that is not an A+B=C platform.

What personality traits/characteristics from the difference signs do you find are key to ‘surviving’ a lockdown?
Astrologers everywhere had predicted that 2020 would be a transformational year, and well, here it is! But is there an opportunity in every crisis? Astrology describes nature, and can give indications about our true natures.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries has lots of get up and go. Staying at home probably does not come naturally to them, nor does being told what to do! First things first, Aries needs to burn energy so get up and exercise! Vigour, opportunity and entrepreneurial savvy can be harnessed by arranging ways to support your community or making things happen that no one else seems to be sorting out. ‘Make it happen’ is your mantra – now you have more time.

The slow life suits you, though you might crave nature and luxury. Food and music are a favourite of Taurus so putting on your favourite CD and trying out a new recipe will be very satisfying. Taurus has patience in abundance, particularly when you let your creative talents flow. ‘The slow life, is the good life’ is your mantra.

Curious and social, you will be the first to hit up social media and Whatsapp every morning. Whilst this is exciting for you, it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Gemini often balks at the idea of meditation and often claim it’s not for them, but I insist that it is! Gemini folk are usually dextrous, so anything using your hands will burn up nervous energy and keep your mind focused on the job at hand. ‘Everyday is a school day’ is your mantra.

Family is a priority for Cancer and any of you who cannot see your family at the moment might be feeling a little despondent. Nurturing people and feeling needed is the core of what makes you feel alive. If you’re stuck in the house and feeling healthy, you’d make a great volunteer for the NHS. Anyone in your circle will benefit from your attentions. ‘Better together’ is your mantra.

Leo loves to dazzle and bask in the applause of others, sitting at home in your finest attire is probably not going to cut it! You are a generous and natural team leader. You love drama and a good story, so committing to reading a good book or watching a movie every evening (instead of attending to your popularity and overflowing stream of text messages) will keep you feeling settled. ‘Joy is found in self-expression’ is your mantra.

Healthy Virgo takes a keen interest in nutrition and order in the home. Now you have the time to alphabetise your cupboards and complete that 3-day juice cleanse! When will you have this opportunity again? Virgo, like Gemini, tend towards overthinking and anxiety, so meditation each morning will be great for you. ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’ is your mantra.

What is Libra without conversation and beauty? In the confines of your home, what can you do? First things first, a spring clean to end all spring cleans and if you have your phone on loudspeaker in the corner of the room, who will judge you? Libra has artistic prowess and beauty in expression is your gift. ‘Balance means considering all possible outcomes’ is your mantra.

Crisis is the realm of Scorpio, never one to shy away from the most difficult and taboo areas of life. Scorpio is talented and magnetic enough to achieve whatever they put their mind to, so now that you have more time, what will it be? This crisis might feel overwhelming to you, but know you will come through the other side of this reborn and revitalised if you focus on the things that matter the most to you. ‘The waves crash in shallow waters’ is your mantra.

As the adventurer of the zodiac, staying in the confines of your house will drive you mad sooner rather than later. Like your firey friend Aries, starting the day with exercise will stop cabin fever from totally overwhelming you. Sagittarius needs to be active, but you are also very curious and love to travel. Doesn’t mean it needs to be physical though, the armchair traveler can cover huge distances when they embark on a journey of the mind. ‘Everyday is an adventure’ is your mantra.

Ambitious Capricorn loves to feel productive and will not enjoy life without work. If this is you, consider any jobs where you can lend a helping hand and feel useful. Your ability to take charge and feel that you are able to improve and enhance the situation you are in, will keep you feeling alive and vital. For Capricorn, the key is to find a balance between feeling useful and feeling secretly stressed. ‘Leading is my responsibility and so I rest for everyone’s sake’ is your mantra.

Intellectual Aquarius is very friendly, but also a bit of a loner. Online chat rooms have always been your thing, if not, social media feeds your need to keep your distance but also enjoy intellectual stimulation. To a certain extent, this global atmosphere is forcing us all to behave more like you. ‘Information is Freedom’ is your mantra.

After Taurus, Pisces is arguably the most placid sign of the Zodiac. They love to sleep, watch films, listen to music, drink wine and escape. Easily adaptable, they will find ways to keep themselves entertained. Pisces is arguably the most spiritual sign of the zodiac and it is not unusual for them to be very interested in meditation or yoga. ‘There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen’ is your mantra.

And finally, why do you think individuals have shown more interest in astrology during 2020?
I think people have shown more interest in astrology in 2020 because the astrologers predicted so much of what has happened and continues to happen. The astrology has been ‘extreme’ and so life have been ‘extreme’. The rise of astrology over the past 4 years has largely been due to memes – but this has lead to the increase of the Instagram astrologer.

More time in lockdown, more time spent listening to astrology predictions and seeing it all work = a rise in astrology. Perversely, this time has been great for astrology and this should continue going forwards!

To book a reading with Francesca, head over to her website.

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