A modern-day catalogue of jewellery essentials past and present; meet our new #Pushjewellery client Pawnshop

Basics, but better. Discover our new #PushJewellery client; Pawnshop

Purveyors of everyday heirlooms, created and curated by Founder Jay. Pawnshop is a modern catalogue of jewellery essentials past and present which encompasses both vintage pieces and Pawnshop-designed jewellery essentials. From elevated basics to the ultimate signature piece made to last.

Inspired by the eclectic jewellery trade of traditional pawnbrokers and market traders, we sat down virtually with Jay to discover more about her passion in creating and curating jewellery classics …

Tell us a little bit about your background, how did the idea behind Pawnshop come to life?
I have over 15 years’ experience in jewellery and so the idea of launching my own brand has been something I have been thinking about seriously for years! The parts I loved about my job were shopping markets locally and globally for inspiration and meeting traders and suppliers.

I always felt there was an opportunity to sell both a vintage and own label conscious jewellery collection on one platform. As a kid, I used to go to markets with my gran holding onto her skirt and standing up on my toes watching her haggle for a better cost price on a ring. I love the eclectic trade of jewellery -from traditional pawnbrokers to market dealers. I’m also of the era when you picked your jewellery out of a catalogue and I used to find it so exciting!

My main goal in creating Pawnshop was to offer a modern-day catalogue of jewellery essentials past and present – combining vintage and sustainably sourced timeless jewellery for everyone. Ageless, timeless, effortless modern-day heirlooms.

What do you consider ‘jewellery essentials’ – any particular pieces come to mind?
I think jewellery essentials can be whatever you want it to be – whether it’s hoops, a chain necklace or a signet ring. It’s your uniform and you decide! For me, I sleep in my gold hoops, layer my gold chains and stack my rings – that’s my jewellery wardrobe.

How do you find the vintage pieces which you sell?
When launching, I sourced locally, from the UK markets and traders. Pre-lockdown, I would shop European and International flea markets.

Why the name Pawnshop?
In homage to Pawnshops, the diversity of what’s inside a mix of the old and the new, always a story to be told. Seemed like the perfect name to be a purveyor of everyday heirlooms.

Who is your style inspiration for the brand?
My mum and her 80s jewellery, my Scottish and Persian grandmas – thrifty and opulent! Style is always in season. The perfect piece will always be perfect.

How has it been running a small business during lockdown?
Lockdown delayed the launch of the business, but gave me time to go through and check everything in detail. It was scary at times, worrying about money (etc) as everyone else, but I really believe in and love what I am doing, so just kept pushing forward. I really value my supplier relationships, so it was a time to navigate how to work when things go tits up!

Earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets – what’s the one piece which people look for the most when coming to you?
Money is always on a pair of gold hoops!

Do you feel that consumers are starting to shift their mindset when it comes to purchasing jewellery or do you think there’s still some way to go?
I think that this year has been an opportunity for everyone to rethink their values. Now more than ever, I do think that there is a shift in mindfulness when it comes to all consumption and purchases. Buy less, buy better.

For any PR enquiries, please contact danielle@pushpr.co.uk

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