Collectable, classic and contemporary pearl jewellery; discover our new #PushJewellery client Olivia & Pearl

Don’t be fooled by the pearls that you see, as we welcome our latest #PushJewellery client; Olivia & Pearl.

Stylish, rebellious, mindful and modern, Olivia & Pearl caters to the 21st century woman that breaks the rules, fights for what she believes in and isn’t interested in convention. She is daring and intellectual, walking through the city she loves with confidence.

Founded by Olivia Smith from Bowdon, Olivia & Pearl was born out of her continued love for pearls and her quest to reinvent an icon; however, she couldn’t find pearl jewellery that would appeal to the women in her life.

Pearls are a gift from nature; elegant, timeless and alluring. They are a symbol of feminine purity, evoking Aphrodite the goddess of love who was born fro the sea shell. Today, Olivia & Pearl is inspired by the elegant nature of the pearl, with a certain refinement Olivia brings to every design. Rule breaking and daring, inspired by strong female icons from the past and present.

Olivia & Pearl was born to reinvent what it means to wear pearls today. Olivia designs pearls for the modern day woman with new ideas, crafted with care to suit the customer’s natural beauty and contemporary style.

Olivia & Pearl is …

Forward Thinking

They give pearls a modern twist, without compromising on true quality. Stylish pearl jewellery designed to last

Rebellious Spirit

Born to dare, Olivia & Pearl redefines what it means to wear pearls today. Inspired by women past and present who break the rules and fight for what they believe in.

Authority on Pearls

As a thought leader in the modern pearl category, Olivia & Pearl will artistically and intelligently convey what inspires them and what they stand for.


Committed to preserving and protecting marine life. Pearls are a gift from nature, Olivia & Pearl treasure it and give back to the sea however they can

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