Unlock your creativity and start a journey of a lifetime with the Maya Magal ‘Bespoke Boxed’

Acclaimed British jeweller Maya Magal champions experience and individuality. “During lockdown we have seen our consumer evolve, they now want to be part of the design process more than ever before. Whilst being stuck at home we have seen so many unlock their creativity. Our bespoke service has never been more popular. As such, I am thrilled and excited to launch our new and exclusive Bespoke Boxed concept”.

Bespoke Boxed is the perfect way to mark your life promise to each other and start your engagement. Proposing with a one-of-a-kind diamond you have selected reflects heartfelt commitment, consideration and thought. Having navigated life since March 2020 together it would only seem natural to now design the ring you will be wearing for the rest of your life together. Bespoke Boxed is where the journey begins and creates a legacy to mark these unprecedented times.

The Maya Magal team of experts source unusual cut, grey and salt & pepper diamonds. Once you select your diamond and propose, the Maya Magal designers work with you to create a beautifully hand-made in London engagement ring. One that is uniquely yours and already has a story to tell!

How does it work?
1. Choose your diamond from a curated selection
2. Select a metal type – 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold or Platinum (you don’t have to pick white, rose or yellow gold yet!)
3. The Maya Magal team then cost your choice. This will include the whole design and make process. Place your order
4. Propose with your ‘diamond in a box’ (they will say yes!)
5. Let the in-store design experience begin. Working with the Maya Magal in-house designers to discuss, sketch and bring your dream engagement ring to life.

What is included with your bespoke in a box order?
You’ll receive the diamond of your choice in a beautiful custom made box along with a little bar of engraved metal. Once you are engaged, you’ll visit the Islington workshop to design the ring together. In store, as a couple, decide the finer details such as setting, band shape, finish and even adding some extra diamonds or other stones. The Maya Magal experienced jewellers will expertly bring your vision to life and handcraft the final piece.

What if you want to propose with a different diamond?
Sourcing is what Maya Magal love to do; the ultimate concierge for unique and quality experience jewellery. If you’d like a special diamond sourced, contact the Maya Magal team and they will find the perfect stone.

For more information on the Bespoke Boxed, please contact danielle@pushpr.co.uk

Push Team x

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