Discover the empowering designs of our new #PushJEWELLRY client; Rachel Jackson London

We are thrilled to announce our latest #PushJEWELLERY client – handmade contemporary jewellery brand Rachel Jackson London.

Lancashire born Rachel Jackson started out by making every piece of jewellery from her kitchen table and sold her wares on a market stall in Spitalfields. Leaving a ten-year career in the music industry in the past, Rachel pursued her passion for jewellery.

‘She believed she could, so she did’ – this is the mantra which Rachel Jackson strives for, creating an empowering vibe within each Rachel Jackson London designs. Her latest Zodiac Art Coins collection is a true reflection of self-balance, strength and self-expression.

Featuring exquisitely unique detailed pendants, iconic chains, celestial hoops and charm bracelets, each one reflecting the unique personality traits of the wearer.

Astrology is a symbolic language, a philosophy, a way to feel connected both to oneself and the universe around us. It has long been used as a symbol of self-expression through not just jewellery, but body art as well.

Rachel’s inspiration for this collection stems from the artistic intricacies of tattoo art, and the unique power of the zodiac elements fire, earth, air and water.

The Rachel Jackson London Zodiac Art Coin Collection is now available via the Rachel Jackson London website.

For any further enquiries, please get in touch with

Push Team x

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