Maria Nila’s Friendly Year

Maria Nila does not believe that animals should be part of human vanity, which is why all Maria Nila products are certified vegan and cruelty-free. However, this philosophy does not stop simply at the products.

With charity as one of its core pillars, Maria Nila collaborates with the trusted wildlife charity organisation The Perfect World Foundation to protect and provide aid in the fight against the global ecological crisis, through supporting endangered animals. Due to persistent poaching, the population of rhinos has decreased by 95% in the past 40 years. Of the 25 rhinos left in the wild, 80% live in South Africa, where around 1000 are killed by men each year. From the moment a mother has been killed, the baby rhinos must be rescued within 24 hours to survive. To compensate for the trauma of losing their mother and for the rehabilitation to be successful, baby rhinos need to develop social ties and receive proper nutrition as well as adequate veterinary assistance.

In collaboration with The Perfect World Foundation, Maria Nila is proud to support the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary, a South African organisation that focuses on the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of baby rhinos. When the rhinos are mature enough to be reintegrated into the world, they are released into a protected area, far from potential poachers and other threats. By choosing Maria Nila you make a choice toward a friendlier world; the past year’s charity activities have resulted in a donation of 50 000 euros to the Care For the Wild Rhino Sanctuary. The non-profit sanctuary is fully dependent on donations and this specific contribution effectively enabled the facility to welcome three new orphaned baby rhinos, an action that would not have been possible without this donation.

Starting today, posters with photos taken at the Care For Wild Sanctuary, by known photographer Peter Gehrke, will be available on as a final push for the rhinos this year. All proceeds will go to the rehabilitation of the baby rhinos Anchor and Yster.

Anchor is a wild baby rhino with lots of energy! Rescued when he was about a week old, he’s the youngest rhino at the sanctuary. Only 3 weeks after Anchor, Yster was found in critical condition after his mother was killed by poachers. Before the reaction team could arrive to rescue Yster, the young calf began to move deeper into the bush. After about 2km, the calf suddenly encountered a herd of aggressive elephants, charging towards the baby rhino. Supported by a Kruger Park Official, attempts were made to distract the herd, but fearing for his life the little rhino calf ran off in a different direction where he was later found standing next to the body of his mother. Yster is now recovering slowly and hopes are that, with a crazy energetic friend like Anchor who never seems to slow down, he’ll soon get his zest for life back again.

The initiative with the rescue and recovery of young rhinos, a campaign launched on World Vegan Day 2019 and continued throughout the past year, will be followed by a new important project for the upcoming 12 months. One November 1st, World Vegan Day, Maria Nila will announce this year’s charity project together with The Perfect World Foundation. This time, Maria Nila has decided to put the protection of a specific marine mammal, at a very high risk of extinction, in the spotlight. Stay tuned on how we can make a difference together!

To find out more about the sanctuary, visit
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