This week we love … organic hand sanitisers

Hand sanitisers have become a part of our everyday skincare routine. However did you know that “repeated and frequent use of hand sanitiser has the potential to cause irritation to your hands over time”, and that over time “excessively washing your hands and using hand sanitisers will deplete the skin’s natural protective barrier, this is turn leaves the hands feeling dry and sore” (Metro).

As we have all come to adopt this new hand care product into our lives, it’s time to rethink which products we’re purchasing. This week, the #PushTEAM put their heads together to find you a list of organic hand sanitisers which not only help to soothe your hands, but also don’t cause any harm to the environment …


“An award-winning refreshing antibacterial spray made with a blend of certified organic Tea tree and Sweet Orange essential oils to keep your hands clean and fragrant. Thanks to its natural and organic formula you won’t be swapping the bacteria and viruses with unnatural ingredients found in some hand sanitising gels”


“A pure, natural antibacterial sanitiser to protect against harmful bacteria with a quick drying finish and a refreshing, comforting natural aroma. Contains organic alcohol blended with mineral rich spring water and organic antibacterial Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils”

Dr. Bronner’s

“This Organic Hand Hygiene Spray kills germs with a simple formula: organic ethyl alcohol, water, organic fair trade peppermint oil and organic glycerin. None of the nasty chemicals you find in conventional sanitisers, but just as effective. Sanitise with a clean conscience”


“English Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils are the key ingredients to this hand sanitiser and are used to moisturise and soften the skin, diminishing redness and irritation caused from continuous hand cleansing. The soothing effect of the botanical oils and scents will calm any anxiety that people may be feeling before venturing outside, whilst protecting the body against harmful pathogens”


“Keep your hands clean on-the-go with this 100% natural, organic and vegan hand sanitiser. Made from three simple, but effective ingredients. Which means it has all of the good bits which kill germs, bacteria and viruses, but without the extra chemicals and artificial fragrances. Just pure, natural ingredients to nourish the skin and counteract the drying effect of the alcohol”

Biofficina Toscana

“An alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel, supplemented with purifying organic extracts and plant-based glycerin for a gentle action. It effectively cleanses and sanitises your hands without using water, leaving them clean, soft and delicately scented”


“A handbag hero! While basic gels can wreak of chemicals and strip the skin of moisture, this formulation hydrates the hands while keeping them hygienic. This all-natural gel includes aloe vera and a blend of organic medicinal herbs to help purify and protect the hands”

Push x

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