#InternationalFriendshipDay 5 minutes with … Lesley Buckle & Charlotte Williams

During #lockdown many of us became even closer to the friends we have. We found ourselves reaching for the phone more often, calling our favourite people for some support, for some laughs … to hear a voice.

This year, International Friendship Day is just as special and important that previous years. This is a time to be thankful, grateful and celebrate those girlfriends we hold dear. You’ve got a friend in me? Most definitely! We’re all about empowering and supporting each other, and we spoke to the dynamic duo Lesley Buckle – content creator and digital influencer – and Charlotte Williams – founder of Seven Six Agency – who have a friendship to envy!

Today is International Friendship Day! So, we have to ask … how did you two meet?
Lesley: We actually met on Instagram, we followed each other for a couple of years I think before we eventually met in person. It was totally by chance! We were both attending Notting Hill Carnival with a haircare brand and it’s like I already knew Charlotte when I met her.

Charlotte: We were both actually on a float and it was Lesley’s first time so I jumped at showing her the Carnival ropes!

What is you favourite memory of each other?
L: It is definitely Mighty Hoopla Festival last year. I was half dead as I was jetlagged from coming back from the States the day before, but we just had such a good time!

C: Mighty Hoopla Festival was genuinely one of the best days!

Favourite event and/or night off you’ve had together?
C: Last year for Lesley’s birthday we went for dinner just the two of us and it was an absolute disaster! The food didn’t come for hours and when it did it wasn’t what we ordered AND was cold. We were talking for so long we didn’t really notice and then were like errr why are we here. So we went to Chinatown and got noodles and plum wine.

L: Birthdays shared together definitely! For Charlotte’s over lockdown we just chatted the whole night over Zoom as that’s all we could do. For mine I actually forgot the night started as a disaster, I just remember enjoying Chinese food with my friend and just chatting about anything and everything.

What would you say are the three most important things that may your friendship what it is?
C: An absolute obsession with each other, an understanding that we’re both introverts and deal with things in weird and wonderful ways, and having to reach others’ minds when we’re feeling off as we don’t always display our emotions openly.

L: Charlotte is so supportive, she inspired me to do better and she’s just a great energy to be around.

What trait do you admire the most in each other?
L: Charlotte really cares about her friends, she’s always the one checking in on everyone and making sure they’re doing ok.

C: Lesley is one of the most resilient people I know, she also has a worth ethic like no other!

When have you felt most proud of each other?
L: Always when I get to watch Charlotte speak, she’s incredibly eloquent, so smart and really good at breaking things down for people so they understand. I’ve watched her give a talk on diversity and read excerpts from Emma Dabiri’s Don’t Touch My Hair both at the Wing, and I always have that feeling of wow, this woman is my friend. Watch any of her IGTV’s or videos and you’ll understand what I mean.

C: Same really. Genuinely, every time I see a piece of content that goes live I’m like wow my friend is amazing! Nobody makes beauty content like it! Also, when she hit 100k I went mad as I know how hard she worked for that.

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How have you been able to keep in touch during lockdown?
C: We started lockdown with weekly Zoom calls and sporadic phone calls (we normally see each other at least once a week so was weird having to call each other!). As things got busier we started slacking on the calls, but we now see each other every few weeks for a social distanced walk/picnic/dinner

L: We have actually have Whatsapp group with a couple of other girls and that’s mostly how we’ve kept in touch. But yes, as restrictions eased we started to see each other socially distanced and I found it really emotional being able to finally see her in person again.

We’re now post-lockdown (finally!) do you think networking events & gatherings will differ in any way moving forward? Will it make it harder to create new connections?
L: I’ve not been out much and everyone is definitely giving each other a wide birth out in public so I think it will be a while before we go back to how things were before. I think at events people will feel more open to connecting with each other because of the event space, but I do think the distance makes it difficult.

C: Yes, I don’t think the industry will go back to normal at all this year which will be weird. But when it does, I think it will be the same as before (but hopefully with more exciting and creative events as brands have had more time to think about them!).

Lesley as an admired content creator and Charlotte as the founder of your very own talent agency, how have you both been able to keep each other motivated throughout these past few months? Any words of inspiration?
L: Charlotte has been my inspiration since I met her and I’ve been in awe seeing her launch her talent agency during the current situation. She’s really good at turning any situation to her advantage. Admittedly I personally felt a bit bleak at the start of lockdown and it was Charlotte that kept saying we had a unique opportunity and I think that definitely kept me going.

C: Definitely, we’ve just been spurring each other on. It’s a weird time, so having your friend remind you that you are amazing is truly needed.

Any new collaborations or partnerships you’d love to do together in the upcoming months?
L: We definitely need to take more photos together – I think we usually get distracted chatting so actually don’t have that many photos of us so we need to do a photoshoot!

C: YES, we’ve been saying for year we want to do a ‘twins’ shoot. We always get mistaken for each other and we really want to do a shoot where we dress identically. Hopefully we can make this happen!

And finally … what’s one thing most people don’t know about your friendship?
L & C: We’re definitely often mistaken as sisters or twins so I think it’s a surprise when people realise we’re not actually related, just friends.


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