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Covering beauty, fitness, wellbeing, luxury & jewellery, discover this week’s media news roundup by the #PushTEAM …

Grazia to relaunch Grazia Life Advice Podcast

“Grazia and Yakult have announced that they will be partnering to relaunch the Grazia Life Advice Podcast, two years after it originally aired. Speaking to a variety of accomplished women each week, the podcast will cover every aspect of life faced by modern women, providing listeners with help, advice, wisdom and inspiration” – Bauer Media

Instagram introduces new fundraiser feature

“Instagram will allow users to raise money for personal causes such as a friend or small business in need. The Personal Fundraiser feature will further assist causes such as Covid-19 relief and racial injustice” – Hypebae

Alex Monroe unveils new jewellery partnership

“London-based cultural commentator and writer Raven Smith has teamed up with UK jeweller Alex Monroe for a new 18-piece jewellery line” – Professional Jeweller

Why Vogue is launching in Scandinavia

“Condé Nast is launching Vogue Scandinavia with the first print issue set to publish in 2021 […] the fashion title will cover Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the wider Nordic region that includes Finland and Iceland. Founding Editor-in-Chief Martina Bonnier discusses her vision for the title and why it’s launching amid dwindling print ad revenues” – Vogue Business

How jewellers are making wearing face masks practical and chic

“The etiquette for masks when they aren’t needed isn’t yet clear […] (but) jewellers are solving the problem for us, redefining functionality in aesthetically pleasing new ways” – Wallpaper*

Ruby Hammer MBE joins British Beauty Council’s new Advisory Board

“The British Beauty Council has announced new members to its Advisory Board. New members will work alongside current board members to enhance the beauty industry’s reputation and support the British Beauty Council as it continues to advocate and educate” – Diary Directory

Has the pandemic changed our attitude towards beauty?

“As restrictions are lifting and day-to-day life is etching closer to some form of ‘normality’, what does that mean for people who have broken their beauty routines? Metro spoke to those who have changed their views on beauty, as a result of the pandemic” – Metro

The rise of audio fitness

“Tired of video workouts and nervous about returning to the gym? Listen to the voices of trainers and join a growing health trend” – The Telegraph

ELLE launches mentoring scheme

“ELLE UK has launched a joint initiative with The Social Mobility Commission to find the next generation of creative talent with its first ever mentoring scheme” – InPublishing

5 Days of Vogue Beauty

“The experiential programme of masterclasses and tutorials is going digital, with exclusive content being broadcast across Instagram and Zoom, created especially for Vogue’s dedicated beauty community” – Vogue

Is online the future of fitness?

“While gyms are set to reopen on Saturday, the huge rise in at-home workouts during lockdown has resulted in more than one-in-ten gym goers worldwide saying they intend to cancel their memberships. Will fitness now evolve outside of the gym as people choose to continue with apps and online platforms?” – Metro

Why single product skincare brands are beauty’s next big thing

“In recent years, multiple product launches from brands have become the industry standard while an extensive 10, 12 and even 15-step evening skincare ritual has traditionally been fawned over and emulated. But that might be about to change” – Vogue

IKEA to launch first-ever clothing collection

“Swedish homeware retailer IKEA has ventured into apparel with an upcoming capsule collection of casual separates and accessories. Dubbed ‘EFTERTRADA’, the range will launch at IKEA’s Harajuku store in Tokyo” – Hypebae

Rethinking the store of the future

“Brands have been moving online to engage consumers, but with stores reopening, retailers will have to reimagine experiential spaces and a way to limit high-touch services” – Vogue Business

Google introduces video shopping platform

“Google has launched a video shopping platform Shoploop, designed to streamline consumers’ shopping experience. Google has created Shoploop to make shopping entertaining and allow users to connect with brands and other users” – Diary Directory

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