Step into the imaginary world of new #PushJEWELLERY client, Manom Jewellery

We are delighted to announce that Push is now working with Manom Jewellery.

Japanese designer, jeweller and craftsman Mayo Nom has grown up in two worlds. The reality we all share, and another that grew in her dreams and imagination.  

Every Manom design is imagined by Mayo and bought to life in her South London Studio. Her vision and craft encompasses jewellery, prop making, costume design, painting and illustration; tools which allow her to bring a world of imagination to life. Let’s find out more about her world …

You’ve worked as a jeweller for many years, what inspired you to start your own brand?
I’ve always loved making things no matter what it was. I got a job at Alex Monroe, which was my absolute dream job and that’s how I started making silver jewellery. After a while, naturally my own creative energy and ideas weren’t completely fitting into my role at work. Simply designing for a brand and for myself is a very very different skill and activity. I had always been making my own piece for fun alongside my job for myself and friends, so after 10 years as a jeweller it seemed to be a good time to put all of my designs together and have a platform where I can share my creations.

What sources of inspiration do you look for when designing a new collection?
Most of my collections/designs are inspired by imagined and made-up fairytales. Once I know the story, each character or scene naturally feeds ideas into the jewellery pieces. Also, I generally read a lot of books (mostly children’s stories). Forest walks are a big part of my inspiration as well. When it comes to designing the small details of each piece, historical jewellery/objects are always a great source of inspiration. Lastly, all of my pieces are very much fact reflected which requires lots of study of objects or animal shapes … etc.

What’s the first thing you notice about the way women wear jewellery?
This was a difficult question! I guess uniqueness is something that draws my eyes – when someone is wearing an unusual/unique piece that was perhaps made by an independent designer, it really stands out from ‘trendy’ high-street items. I love it when I manage to spot it and knowing that these pieces were chosen with thought and care.

Also, I love spotting some vintage/antique/well-aged pieces. It’s great to see old jewellery being worn alongside modern fashion. I love imagining how it ended up being worn by this person. This is often a fun activity for a train journey.

As a jewellery designer, how have the recent months in lockdown been for you?
I shouldn’t be so grateful because so many tragic things have happened during this time, but the last few months have been a time to reconnect with myself and I’ve found it very beneficial. It was a lot less busy than usual and at some point I even had to stop my production completely for a while due to my suppliers closing.

I spent lots of time making non-jewellery things – drawing, sewing, carpentry DIY, playing music … all sorts of crafts. Doing all of that was like re-finding myself again – who I am and what I like, what I believe in , and reconnecting to my imaginary world. Working really hard in a busy London life I sometimes forget my core desire that should always be a base for all my creations. So it was nice to focus on my roots once again.

It also gave me a great opportunity to think about what direction I want my brand to go in in the long term. At the moment I’m working to switch the gold I use for plating to Fair Mined gold. There are so many things which I would love to learn and research for my brand, so lockdown has been a good moment to reflect and think about how I can support the right causes to make the world a better place in any way I can.

Favourite piece of jewellery that you own?
Oh gosh, I have quite a few!
. A beaded girl pendant my cousin made for me when we were kids
. Alex Monroe Scissor Necklace – such a clever piece, genius Alex! Also I studied dressmaking so this reminds me of the initial excitement of creating from my teenage years
. My great selection of lovely jewellery pieces made by my talented friends
. My moon hoop earrings which I made

Favourite place in London that you missed going to during lockdown?
Pubs with friends! After being in the UK for 13 years, I really became English! Also I do miss eating out, especially for some mean seafood.

What I’m desperate for is to go wild camping in Scotland or Dartmoor, but that’s out of London!


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