This week we love … independent jewellery retailers

We love celebrating uniqueness and creativity here at Push, especially now as we are coming out of lockdown and finding a ‘new sense of normal’. Did you know that July is Independent Retailer Month? We love spreading the word about independent retailers, so our #PushJEWELLERY team have put together their top five independent jewellery retailers they’re loving this week …

Maya Magal

Founder Maya Magal crafts modern jewellery by hand. Whether a birthstone necklace or mixed-metal ring, all pieces are made in small batches by skilled artisans and designed to spark creativity every day. Every new piece begins in the imagination of Maya and worn by women she admires.

Sweet Pea Jewellery

New #PushJEWELLERY client Sweet Pea designer Siobhan O’Neill has been making jewellery since the early 1990s. Her special strength is her unique sense of colour and she travels the world searching for the most precious and rare stones. Her eagle eye hunts out the most unusual colours and cuts, and the quality has to be impeccable.

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe jewellery is synonymous with a very British sense of style. It’s feminine, delicate and quickly, but above all consistently wearable. Now a much loved brand world-wide, each and every piece is individually designed and handmade in England by Alex and his team of experts. Inspired by nature and nostalgia, every piece has a tale to tell … and the story continues with you.

Laura Lee Jewellery

Laura Lee Jewellery is run by free-thinking, independent women. the eclectic mix of luxury jewellery allows the wearer to layer and combine precious metals and gemstones with signature antique coins and custom engravings however they wish – tying together founder Laura’s passion for artefacts and natural materials as well as the very human need to adorn ourselves with previous mementos, that tell our story.

Dinny Hall

A modern British jewellery brand with 30 year’s heritage, Dinny Hall is the creative force behind her eponymous line. From sketch to store, Dinny is personally involved in every one of her pieces. It’s this hands on approach that has made Dinny Hall a recognisable jewellery name around the world, synonymous with British style and quality.

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