Sweet Pea Jewellery, the jewellery brand taking over our hearts at Push

Looking for something new, exciting, unique and made with delicacy? We are delighted to introduce you all to our new jewellery client; Sweet Pea Jewellery!

Founded by jewellery designer Siobhan O’Neill who’s creative intuition has been formed by a rich mixture of design influences: fashion & music of glam rock, 70’s punks, the Hollywood stars of the silver screen and the high glamour of haute couture. Her special strength is her love of colour, she describes the process of selecting the perfect colour combinations similar to that of weaving different coloured yarns together. Her eagle eye hunts out the most unusual cuts perfectly balanced in 18ct gold. We sat down with Siobhan (from a distance) to discover her voice and her passion

You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including John Gallianom, Alexander McQueen, Ally Cappellino and Rifat Ozbek, what inspired you to start your own brand?
I made umbrellas and parasols for a few years, they were very special and each one handmade, selling all over the world to the best stores. At the same time I was making one-off projects for the catwalk for various designers. I had completed a jewellery degree and decided that although I loved the pace and glamour of the fashion world, jewellery was my true calling.

What sources of inspiration do you look for when designing a new collection?
I take inspiration for my collections from all over the place. I love fashion, so obviously I take notice of trends in both fashion and interiors, luckily I have a sixth sense regarding colour and can predict upcoming trends. I love combining the colours in my beaded stories.

I regularly travel and go to exhibitions for inspiration, however I think for me, the natural world is always such an inspiration.

What’s the first thing you notice about the way women wear jewellery?
It’s a terrible thing, but I am always looking at women, and men for that matter, and notice all kinds of things about what people wear. It interests me that people wear sentimental pieces of jewellery, which for me is the most important part about wearing and indeed selling jewellery.

I’m brutally honest in the shop and if it does not suit I will say so, or if the customer is not sure of the piece I will advise against the purchase. There’s nothing worst than a piece of jewellery left unloved and unworn.

As a jewellery designer, how have the recent months in lockdown been for you?
I like to be busy, I though I would do all kings of sorting out and DIY. However keeping the business going has taken up all my time. I did some volunteer work in the afternoons and that was a welcome change.

Is there anything that you haven’t done that you would love to in your career?
I would absolutely love to design the colour palettes for cosmetic brands. My first career was as a pharmacy technician, so the combination of colour and chemistry really excites me.

Favourite piece of jewellery that you own …
I have two favourites, one is my treasured possession from Tom Binns the ‘Flying F****’ necklace, the other is my Sweet Pea disc necklace which has Bitch engraved on it. These two sound very hardcore, but in face they are very feminine and you online notice the wording when you are up close.

Favourite place in London that you missed going to during lockdown …
I miss going to my family for Sunday lunch – the roast potatoes are out of this world!

For any PR enquiries regarding Sweet Pea, please contact amy@pushpr.co.uk

Push x

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