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Never within our industry have we felt more a need for community. Living in a digital era allows us to have the privilege of keeping up to date with the latest news from across the globe. Read our latest media news roundup from this week …

Twitter makes Juneteenth a company holiday

“Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced on Tuesday that Twitter will make Juneteenth a companywide holiday […] Juneteenth, celebrated on June 19, commemorates the end of slavery in the US, but isn’t an official national holiday” – Forbes

MatchesFashion to launch Black Employees Forum

MatchesFashion new Chief Executive Ajay Kavan […] took to social media to share what the company is going to do within its organisation to ensure it is more inclusive, including the formation of a Black Employees Forum, looking to increase the diversity of the designers it retails and how it can attract more black people to its business” – Fashion United

Munroe Bergdorf to sit on L’Oréal Paris’s new Diversity Board

“Munroe Bergdorf has agreed to sit on a new diversity board being established by L’Oréal […] Her statement on Twitter, which outlined donations L’Oréal intends to make to LGBTQIA+ charities and announced her own seat on the company’s newly-created diversity board, signalled that three years on, a relationship that appeared damaged beyond repair is being healed” – Vogue

Samira Nasr announced as new Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar

“Hearst Magazines has officially named Samira Nasr Editor in Chief of the US edition of Harper’s Bazaar […] she will begin her new role July 6. Nasr is the first black Editor in Chief in the history of the 153-year old publication […] ‘It is a tremendous privilege to be entrusted with moving this legacy brand into a new era – one that is colourful, inclusive and celebrates the beauty of fashion on every platform'” – Harper’s Bazaar

Sephora announces 15 Percent Pledge

“Sephora’s US division announced that it would dedicate 15% of its shelf space to black-owned brands, becoming the first retailer to accept the 15 Percent Pledge challenge, which was created by Aurora James to push major retailers to commit more than just a statement to black business owners” – Forbes

Anna Wintour apologises

“Anna Wintour has admitted to making mistakes and publishing material that has been intolerant, as well as not doing enough to promote black staff and designers at US Vogue […] Wintour apologised to staff at the magazine for ‘publishing images or stories that have been hurtful or intolerant’, admitted there were too few employees of colour and took full responsibility for mistakes made during her 32-year tenure” – The Guardian

Black dancers call for colour-inclusive ballet shoes

“Dancers of colour are speaking out about their struggle to find colour-inclusive dance clothing including pointe shoes and leggings […] major manufacturers of ballet clothing continue to exclude brown skin tones from their offerings, thereby forcing Black dancers to cover out-of-pocket expenses for foundation and dye used to alter their shoes, leggings and more” – Hypebae

The Inkey List launches haircare

“The Inkey List has just launched its first haircare range. It forgoes the usual shampoos and conditioners that you might expect from a debut haircare line in favour of targeted treatments containing skincare ingredients which have been adapted for use on your hair and scalp” – Evening Standard

Gucci launches new digital platforms

“Gucci has launched a new website and Instagram profile to emphasise their ongoing commitment to create positive change for people and the planet. Gucci Equilibrium, originally launched in 2018, is here to inspire and unify the Gucci community, encouraging us to join conversations that are relevant to what’s going on in today’s world” – 10 Magazine

Liberty London unveils new logo

“High-end department store Liberty has refreshed its logo to reflect its 145-year history […] the new logo marks the evolution of its identity, Liberty said. It comes as the luxury shopping destination celebrated 145 years since Arthur Lasenby Liberty took a building on Regent Street to open a London emporium selling luxuries and frabics” – Fashion Network

Selfridges reopening

“Personal after-hours shopping trips, online beauty appointments and entertainment for those queuing outside will form part of Selfridges’ coronavirus-era shopping offer when the retailer reopens on 15 June. The luxury department store […] will not be able to reopen services such as beauty makeovers, hairdressing or its cafes and cinema. It is hoping a mix of virtual experiences and live entertainments will help shoppers feel no less pampered” – The Guardian

How Covid could change the salon industry forever

“From the rise of at-home treatments to financial woes, weeks of lockdown have had a major impact on beauty salons and barbershops across the world. Here, Sarah Young investigates how the outbreak has changed the way we access beauty” – Independent

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