What’s on this weekend; 12th – 14th June

This weekend is all about self-care and education. From being able to explore London again (whilst keeping a safe distance), to educating ourselves on both social and environmental issues happening globally, here’s our roundup of what’s on this weekend ….

The Supermarket of Dreams

“Chris D’Sylva, owner of Notting Hill Fish Shop, has collaborated with an esteemed roster of London’s culinary talents to launch The Supermarket of Dreams on Holland Park Avenue. The new venture brings together artisanal companies and chefs” – Luxury London

Read a book about black voices

“Knowledge is power, which is why education through books is one of the most important tools in the fight against racism, and a crucial part of becoming an anti-racist ally. If you’re interested in doing some reading on black experiences, culture and history […] see how you can support a black-owned bookshop” – Stylist

Visit a re-opened food market

“Summer is (almost) here and the time is right for eating in the street – two metres away from each other, of course […] The government is allowing outdoor, open air markets to reopen before regular shops and restaurants, with markets permitted to get back up and running in June […] Markets including Camden Market, Borough Market, Broadway Market and Maltby Street Market” – Evening Standard

Educate yourself with a new podcast

“(Following #BlackOutTuesday) it’s time to tune in again and we need to have more conversations around race. We must continue to watch, listen and learn. We have to educate ourselves and amplify black voices. One way of doing this is by thinking about the podcasts we choose to listen to. Here is a list of both American and British podcasts which focus on the Black Lives Matter movement, the death of George Floyd and beyond” – Stylist

Virtual Conscious Festival

“For the first time, The Conscious Festival is moving to a new virtual home. Expect high-impact talks, experiential workshop sessions and an opportunity to raise your consciousness. The Virtual Conscious Festival is a three-day immersive event that will help guide you on a journey towards embracing a more sustainable lifestyle by reconnecting with yourself, others and the planet” – Greek is the New Black

Marylebone Summer Festival

“Brands and restaurants across Marylebone will be coming together for a series of digital workshops, classes and tutorials in June. Running for a week-long period, the Marylebone Summer Festival will see each day based around a particular theme, including food & drink, wellness, home & garden and music” – Country & Townhouse

The Happy Place Virtual Festival

“Fern Cotton’s Happy Place Festival has moved online with a new and exciting month-long schedule full of passionate people promoting mental and physical wellbeing. Roam around their virtual grounds and find inspiration from the amazing performances, tutorials and speakers. Connect your mind and body, unlock your creativity and find your Happy Place” – Happy Place Festival

Carnaby Together

“This June, the Carnaby community will come together to celebrate a variety of sustainable and charitable initiatives. From fashion and food, to beauty and fitness, Carnaby Together is a month-long online event with exclusive Q&As, Instagram Lives, giveaways, how-to-videos, new sustainability product launches and charitable causes” – Carnaby

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