Media news roundup

As lockdowns across the globe begin the ‘ease-up’, industry leaders are looking towards the future and gearing back to a ‘new normal’ and ‘business as usual’ approach to their strategies … with a few twists of course. Check out this week’s media news roundup …

Gucci goes seasonless

“In a virtual press conference, the label’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, announced that Gucci was slashing the number of fashion shows it holds each year from five to two. Declaring the fashion week calendar obsolete, Michele said he was no longer adhering to a rota staked out by spring/summer, autumn/winter, cruise and pre-fall shows” – The Guardian

Lacoste launches Polo Merci

“Lacoste has launched a limited edition Polo Merci soft-collar shirt whose proceeds will go to the Red Cross and Red Crescent, helping associations and volunteers in the pandemic” – Fashion Network

Instagram introduces new features

“Instagram announced that it will allow creators to make money directly on the platform with several new features, including ads on IGTV, digital badges that users can buy via Instagram Live, merchandise sales through Instagram shopping and more” – Dazed Digital

How tech is changing the way we buy beauty

“The worlds of technology and beauty have collided at an accelerating pace. […] To add to this, under Covid-19, lockdown and safety concerns over human contact have meant that this kind of disruptive tech has become the norm. At the apex of these industries are innovations in artificial intelligence, augmented reality and smart tools that are set to revolutionise our relationship with beauty and appearance” – Vogue

Why we turn to crystals in a crisis

“We have been living through a time of crisis. Everyone agrees the definition of normal has been redefined as the term ‘unprecedented’ spreads virtually as the global word du jour. […] Some people are jogging their way out of palpitations […] others have discovered there’s no reason for nature to be locked out, it can enter even the smallest spaces in the form of colourful ‘crisis crystals’ to foster feel-good energy and a sense of calm” – Tatler

Coty debuts Kylie Skin in Europe

“Beauty house Coty has introduced Kylie Jenner’s skincare line Kylie Skin into Europe, debuting at specialist beauty retailer Douglas Group. New York-based Coty says that Kylie Skin will roll out in full distribution through Douglas doors in all markets” – Forbes

Dover Street Parfums Market signs 11 new brands

“Dover Street Parfums Market has signed new retail deals with 11 beauty brands. Joining its Paris, France, store are fragrance, body, hair, skin and colour cosmetics brands, including Amen, Frama, Monom, Bioeffect, The Grey and Mikimoto” – Cosmetics Business

Shaun Leane celebrates 21 years of avant-garde jewellery

“Jeweller Shaun Leane marks twenty-one years of the House of Shaun Leane, his fiftieth birthday and the tenth anniversary of losing his collaborator and close friend Alexander McQueen. These moments are the focus of a new book, which contains a wealth of previously unseen archive imagery offering us a peek behind the curtain” – Wallpaper*

Gympass launches new digital wellness platform

“Gympass has launched a new digital platform as a response to the increase in demand for online wellness programming. Called Gympass Wellness, the platform collects a diverse range of wellness apps in one place – offering access to health, fitness and wellbeing programming from more than 40 providers” – HCM

How Covid-19 has affected independent jewelry brands

“For small and independent jewelry designers, things are starting to shift […] While the future may be uncertain […] independent jewelry designers are adapting to the new normal in five key ways; virtual networking, optimising online sales opportunities, direct-to-consumer, designing meaningful pieces and showing solidarity with those in need” – Forbes

Crayola teams up with former MAC chemist

“Complexion makeup shade ranges have come a long way, with a growing number of foundation and concealer collections becoming available in 30, 40 or even 50 nuanced colours. But as anyone knows, crayons haven’t been so diverse when it comes to skin tones. […] With the help of one of the most experienced shade experts in the cosmetics industry, Victor Casale, Crayola has stepped up its inclusivity […] with Crayola’s new Colors of the World crayons” – Glamour

No.7 launches its first retinol serum

“Boot’s own beauty brand No.7 has launched its first-ever retinol serum after more than 100,000 people signed up for a waiting list to get their hands on the product. The product is the brand’s first ‘clinically proven advanced retinol concentration’, which is advertised as having numerous skin benefits, including refined pores, improved elasticity and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles” – Independent

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