This week we love … the June birthstone, Pearl

Whether you’re making a wish list for your own birthday, or want to do something special for a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while due to lockdown, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite jewellery pieces featuring the June birthstone, pearl …

SALOME; Pearl Swing Earrings

The SALOME x Stephanie Waxberg pearl chain drop earrings are designed with simplicity as the focus. Pearls are said to balance the emotions and promote inner wisdom, making them an eye-catching feature for chain drop earrings

Dinny Hall; Pearl Huggie Hoops

First inspired by the shimmering costumes of traditional Sri Lankan dancers and now pared right down for a contemporary take, the Shuga collection showcases a sparkling array of precious diamonds, coloured gemstones and lustrous pearls set in 14k gold

Becca Jewellery; Pearl Coin Earrings

Handmade by jewellery designer Becca Hulbert, these earrings have a nostalgic but modern sense of style and charm. Coins, pearls, bones and hands adorn silver and gold pieces within each of Becca’s creations.

Maison Sabben; Minimal Pearl Earrings

Though Maison Sabben specialises in bridal jewellery, we can’t get enough of their refined jewellery pieces which transcend traditional jewellery for ‘the big day’. Chic and ultra-modern, a true definition of jewellery ‘à la française’

Pacharee; Dhin Drops Earrings

These natural baroque pearl drop earrings bring a hint of shimmering gold to accentuate the pearl’s natural beauty. With a hand hammered finish, the stones texture captures the light

Éliou; Gabin Pearl Necklace

Fusing the traditional with the contemporary by carefully balancing the spirit of playfulness with modern design.

Paola Vilas; Octavia Earrings

Brazilian-born jewellery designer Paola Vilas’ pieces definitely cannot go unnoticed. A real conversation starter, each piece is inspired by modernist references and feminine form

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