Media news roundup

As the pandemic global pandemic slowly starts to shift away, this week’s media roundup is all about the collaborations that have emerged from our new ‘digital way of life’ as well as discussing the after covid-19 effect …

Vogue and Net-a-Porter collaborate

“Vogue has partnered with Net-a-Porter on a limited edition t-shirt collection featuring designs by Christopher John Rogers, Gauchere, Ioannes and S.Joon, who are a part of the luxury online retailer’s The Vanguard spring/summer 2020 programme for rising star designers” – Fashion United

Spotify teams up with CALM for Mental Health Awareness Week

“Spotify has teamed up with CALM to launch a week’s worth of dedicated content for Mental Health Awareness Week. The streaming giant has teamed up with the leading mental health charity to create the new Spotify Mental Health Awareness Hub, including a host of an original playlist and podcast content” – NME

Kristen Bell is launching a CBD skincare line

“The latest famous person to reinvigorate the CBD trend is actress Kristen Bell, who is launching a CBD-infused skincare line with Lord Jones, maker of hemp-derived CBD-infused luxury products like good-mood elixirs, ingestible face oil and hill balm. Bell’s brand will be called Happy Dance and will feature the quality CBD Lord Jones is known for, but at a more affordable price point and in simpler ‘easy-to-use formulations'” – The Cut

What will hair salons be like post Covid-19

“Hair salons could re-open doors towards the end of the summer. As the discussions around easing lockdown continue to dominate the news, many of us will be beginning to wonder how long it will be until we can go back to normal daily routines – and what that ‘new normal’ will look like. One area that will be hugely affected is how hair salon appointments are conducted” – Stylist

Instagram and Facebook launch new ‘Shop’ feature

“As online shopping continues to be a lifeline for many stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook has announced that it’s rolling out a new shopping feature on its namesake platform and Instagram. The new concept lets businesses upload a catalog of merchandise to a new ‘Facebook Shop’. Shoppers can then browse merchandise directly within the social media apps and either navigate to the business’s website to make a purchase or check out within the Facebook apps” – Fast Company

Swarovski announce new Creative Director

“For the first time in Swarovski’s rich and illustrious 125 year history, the luxury crystal company synonymous with all things glamorous has appointed Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert as Global Creative Director across all of their divisions. Already working in a smaller capacity with the company since 2016, the new appointment will see Battaglia Engelbert lead the product design and full creative direction with her first collection showcasing for Spring/Summer 2021” – Tatler

V&A virtual curator tour of Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk

“The V&A museum is giving viewers a second chance to see its acclaimed exhibition all about the history of kimonos. Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk opened at the end of February but had to close just two weeks later due to the lockdown. The museum has now released a series of five videos taking viewers on a 30-minute behind-the-scenes tour of the exhibition, led by curator Anna Jackson” – Evening Standard

Is our obsession with ‘wellness’ healthy?

“While creating our ‘new normal’ in the current global health crisis is uncharted territory, it’s sending many of us deeper into an area we’ve become all too accustomed to: wellness ideology. The concept of achieving wellness at its most basic level is striving for a balance in health in our body and mind. But what happens when wellness enters dangerous territory?” – Vogue

Group fitness will never be the same

“Group fitness studios have had to shut down their live studios and watch their revenue dry up. […] While some companies have adjusted and taken their classes online or on apps, they’re still not making the same kind of revenue they would if their studios were open. When studios do open across the country, they’ll likely have to adopt changes including limited capacity and health protocols, like making clients wear face masks” – Vox

Home fitness vs gyms

“The coronavirus pandemic has forced more people to partake in home workouts, whether as a replacement for those all-important steps, to start a fitness journey they’ve previously not had time for, or as a way of remaining relatively sane during lockdown. A survey suggests only 30% of people will return to gym classes post-lockdown, but Juliana Campos (Brazilian London-based fitness expert and personal trainer) disagrees” – Harper’s Bazaar

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