This week we love … essential oils to help us sleep

It’s been two months, and while some of us have learned to adapt to working from home, changing up our skincare regime and introducing a new fitness plan into our lives, there’s one thing that a few of us have not been able to get around; our sleeping pattern during lockdown.

According to an article by Wired, the stress caused by self-isolation is playing havoc on our sleep. As days blend into one and we switch from ‘office mode’ only to walk two steps and be ‘home’, our sleep schedule has had a hard time to adapt. So this week, we’ve rounded up some essential oil based products we love to help us get through the next few weeks …

Sleep S.O.S Essential Oil Blend; Drowsy

The essential oil of their signature Sleep S.O.S Pillow Spray, the Essential Oil Blend helps to fill your room with sleep inducing aromas as well as a stand-alone sleep aid for anyone with a diffuser or oil burner. Formulated to stimulate olfactory sensors in the= brand to help aid sleep naturally. The Sleep S.O.S Essential Oil Blend contains 7 powerful natural oils to target key areas of sleep.

Anouk Oil Burner Blend; Aēsop

Oil burners are just another way that you can reap the benefits of essential oils and Aēsop has the perfect blend to get you started. The Anouk Oil Burner Blend is a calming blend of circus aromas, including Bergamot Rind. The perfect antidote to stress and hurriedness. Slightly more zesty, but equally as calming

Lavender & Chamomile Pillow Spray; Votary

Relax and unwind. Lavender, chamomile and rose oils capture the fragrance of a country garden at dusk. The Lavender & Chamomile Pillow Spray is formulated to help you calm down and unwind. Bring tranquility to your bedroom.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil; Vitruvi

The Vitruvi Ylang Ylang Essential Oil embodies the spirit of the tropical. Its luscious aroma sparks visions of blooming florals and exotic flavours, which means it adds a touch of paradise wherever it’s used. From face oils to diffusers, it breezily enhances everyday experiences.

Stars in The Night Room Mist; Crabtree & Evelyn

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful nighttime haven with the Stars in The Night Room Mist. Infused with sandalwood (creamy and comforting), cedarwood (a spicy edge) and bergamot (distinctively dreamy). A few light sprays is all you’ll need to enhance your surrounding and fill the room with fragrance.

Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist; Mauli Rituals

‘Dharma’ is the law of the cosmos and the art of living well; of which rest is a vital component. We all know from experience that lack of sleep inhibits our ability to make the most of our precious days. Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist harnesses nature’s most smoothing botanicals of bergamot, chamomile, lavender, vetiver, geranium, sweet almond, clary sage and marjoram. This is the art of sleep

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